Our Babies…The Tragedy at Sandy Hook

I have been busy. I like writing this blog, but when I get busy with meetings and reports and such, I put off writing. Today I have been busy not watching the news. I have been very busy finding anything, any little thing to keep me too busy to watch the news coming out of Newtown, Connecticut and hearing the voices of screaming parents and frightened little ones. I am so busy not wanting to think, that I will not put off writing what I do not want to write.

Because there are no words to comfort. Our babies died Friday. Their teachers died trying to save them. The school custodian took his life in his hands running through the hall shouting a warning about the shooter in the building. There are no words that will comfort the families of those who went to school giggling and happy and who will never return home for an after-school snack.

We will know more about the killer later. We will know more about whatever mental break he had that led to this monstrous act. There will be so many words about him later.

There will be words about the guns he had and how they were legally and easily acquired. There will be and must be many, many words about the National Rifle Association and their tireless work to weaken or overturn laws requiring background checks and electronic databases put in place to identify people who are prohibited from purchasing firearms under our few remaining federal gun laws – convicted felons, those found mentally ill by a court, those subject to an active restraining order.

Yes, it’s easy, too easy, to get around a background check. But the NRA would widen the holes and make it even easier. After all, Guns Don’t Kill People. Unstable People With Unlimited Access To Sophisticated and Massive Rapid-Fire, Self-Loading, High-Capacity Magazine Assault Weapons Kill People. These are the customers the NRA defends.

I grew up in a family of hunters with an NRA sticker on the bumper of our family truck. But the NRA doesn’t represent the interests of hunters and sportsmen. The bills of the NRA are paid by the massive gun manufacturing industry. Their bills are paid by those who produce war-quality, rapid-fire weapons where one madman can shoot up a movie house or a church or a “meet the Congressman” event or a kindergarten classroom in seconds.

I want many, many words about why politicians have allowed this to happen.

But that will bring no comfort. There is no comfort. Our babies died. Today we must mourn.

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  1. Chantal

    You are so right about the NRA!

    These guns could be banned but the NRA which spends millions of dollars to corrupt elected officials, millions of dollars to promote a culture of hate and fear and millions of dollars to support the merchants of death. They cowardly hide behind the Second Amendment to gain what they really care about: MONEY!

    If they can’t be banned, they should at least be sued for the death of each and every child killed in this latest act of killing frenzy. Since money is the only thing they understand, they might start paying attention.


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