Mr. President: Support Working Families, Our Students, Their Dreams

Mr. President, your upcoming State of the Union address before Congress presents an opportunity to speak directly to the American people about your policy priorities for the remaining two years of your historic presidency.

The American people reelected you to the White House two years ago because you pledged that you would put families ahead of politics and make the tough choices and right decisions on their behalf.

The American people have your back—on issues such as the economy, fixing our broken immigration system, tackling the out-of-control college costs, universal pre-K, affordable health care, you have the wind at your back, and, most importantly, the American people stand with you.

Now, as you appear before Congress on tonight, we urge you to stay the course and finish what you started.

The stakes are high for working families. They are working harder and harder to make ends meet. Yet, they lack the fundamental policies that would enable them to take paid leave from work to care for a loved one or a newborn child. It’s time for us to lead on these important family policies.15628864749_09cf7ce6b1_z

We need to expand the middle class and close the persistent economic disparity gap. This now is more important than ever as a new report confirms what educators have been experiencing for years in their communities, schools, and classrooms—the shameful fact that more than half of all students enrolled in public schools today are living in poverty.

This is America and we expect – and demand – better.

The American people expect you and Congress to do something about this and the other pressing issues our country is facing.

We look forward to working with you and with Congress in a bipartisan fashion to continue our work to fix our broken immigration system, reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act so that all children have access to high quality education regardless of the zip code in which they live, and make college more affordable so our students aren’t burdened by student debt.

Mr. President, on behalf of the nation’s educators and students, we urge you to work with Congress to move our nation forward with commonsense priorities that provide more opportunities for Americans now and for future generations.

Response to the State of the Union


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  1. Tim McFarland

    How about, “NCLB and RTTT have both been failures. We need a new direction; therefore, I have accepted Secretary Duncan’s resignation, and will nominate Diane Ravitch for his position. “


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