“There is no ‘average’ student. Each student is shaped by individual experiences”

This post is dedicated to NEA member Rachelle Moore, she is a first grade teacher from Seattle, and this week she gave Congress a piece of her mind and spoke up for her students.  We are so proud of her!

Check out her testimony and some of the great news coverage of her remarks:

“I want to advocate for my students because they care so much about learning, and they have really big dreams. They want to do things like be president or be doctors, and it’s really important that they be given the resources they need to be successful.”


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 “Professional learning opportunities are essential to keeping great teachers in the classroom and helping them use data effectively: to identify what their students have mastered, where they need help, and what kinds of help they need. That means providing resources and support for the whole child—like good nutrition and health care—not just investing in high-quality teaching.”

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