USA Today: Test results don’t cure inequity.

Lily wrote this article for USA Today in response to a recent USA Today op-ed on testing. This is the opposing view to that article, which can be read here: USA Today: Streamline standardized tests: Our view


An editorial in USA Today:

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“If taking a patient’s temperature cured disease, the world would be much healthier. Medical professionals will tell you that knowing there’s a fever begs the question: Why? A thorough examination follows, ultimately leading to a diagnosis — which in and of itself — is not a cure.

The same goes for the scourge of inequity in our schools. Some would say the only way to ensure opportunity for all is to focus on standardized test results. But if you listen to the professionals, the educators, we will tell you that it is far from a cure. In fact, we’ll tell you the very same thing — the test results should prompt more involved inquiry.”

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