World Bank Double-speak in Any Language

Researchers Clara Fontdevila and Antoni Verger speak many languages.  One of them is World Bankish. 

Read all about that here.  Or the entire report: The World Bank’s Doublespeak on Teachers.Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.54.11 PM

In it, you will find the disconnect between talk and action in what the Bank finds from educators and the solutions it recommends. 

You’ll find the Bank’s own research of teachers reporting on problems of insufficient teacher training, support and preparation while the Bank decides that problems will be solved with market solutions and better “management” of teachers – ignoring the real issues brought forth by practitioners. 

The World Bank has fashioned itself as the “knowledge bank”.  Governments take their advice and pronouncements quite seriously. 

The authors of “The World Bank’s Doublespeak on Teachers: An Analysis of Ten Years of Lending and Advice” is a must read for educators who have questioned how the world lost its mind around standardization, privatization and de-professionalization. 

Those pillars of school “reform” have been quite coordinated and designed for global consumption.

You can Bank on it.

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