“Our kids are like sponges, and words matter”

4 Responses to ““Our kids are like sponges, and words matter””

  1. Lee Kusserow

    Yes, our kids are like a sponge and our public school system is 100% wrong In constantly pushing the libetal democratic agenda. Any teacher that tells their students that the liberal democrat agenda is the only correct way should be fired on the spot. BOTH sides of the story needs to be told and if you are not able to do that, then shut your mouth.

  2. Catherine M. Stewart

    Lisa Chantel Hill Wade, it appears that you have a problem with everything and everybody EXCEPT TRUMP!! That says a lot about your character. You ae all over the place. You need to just back up and hush! What are you certified in?

  3. Jason Peters

    I teach in my classroom that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt criminal who should be prosecuted and sent to Federal Prison.

    • Rick P

      That’s what I tell my students about that bigot that won the Electoral College…..


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