MSNBC: Lily reacts to Betsy DeVos’ Nomination as Education Secretary

Lily spoke with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss President-Elect Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos to lead the Department of Education.

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  1. Sue Symington

    We must have a national boycott regarding the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. As a Michigan parent and former teacher we have been under assault with continued propaganda lamenting the breakdown of public education. Money in our state has been diverted to charter schools that do not have the same outcomes as public schools. Shame on us if she gets in that position!!!

  2. Dude

    What a communist union loser.

  3. Dan Michaels

    Thank you Lily for the well-articulated advocacy for holding Charter and private/profit schools accountable as well as sticking up for professional teachers who make this their life’s work. And for telling it like it is. Trump/DeVos support money going from public to private without proper standards and expect public schools to compete or fail.

  4. JimWard

    Nice job, Lily—–IT IS ALL ABOUT FUNDING and since I live in Michigan, I know all about Betsy DeVos. She promoted a voucher plan which would have diverted millions to private parochial schools and we defeated it soundly. Her kids and Trump’s kids went to private schools— what is the commitment to the Dep’t of Ed, Title Funds and special need students— Not there and she won’t advocate for public schools—Look at Detroit and its abject failure of those charter schools. No funding for public schools, vouchers and private school choice and schools run for profit. Some nominee— keep your eyes open America. The major bait and switch at the federal level iis on. Read Diane Ravitch in the NY Times about her ideas.

    • Brad

      So the tax payer should not be allowed to allocate a percentage of their paid taxes towards their children’s school? That isn’t logical. I was from Michigan and now reside in Knoxville Tennessee. The public schools are failing and 35000 kids go to private school. Obviously all the money they get without having to service those kids is being spent unwisely. The teachers union needs to scale down exponentially while also eradicating tenure. Public schools have created their own mess and it’s time for for a change. If you can’t responsibly implement the money from the tax payers, put it in the hands of those that will.

      • JCL

        Eliminate tenure? I believe you must be fundamentally mistaken on what that is? I assume you’ve heard of a little thing called “due process?” Tenure is just that, and nothing more despite he epic fiction and mythology that has sprung up around that particular word. There is a mistaken belief teachers cannot be dismissed once tenure is achieved. This is fundamental false. Dismissal of a teacher requires fair evidence. It puts more responsibility on administration to collect it. Administrators are responsible for doing just that. If they fail to obtain evidence, they cannot dismiss a teacher. You would give administration absolute power to dismiss teachers for no cause and without due process? I assume you believe yourself to be a good American and a defender of the Constitution? Instead of crying for the end of tenure, you should be advocating for it in even professions.

  5. Susan Nelson

    In Minnesota we have an excellent education system with checks and balances. We do have some charters which have revolving doors of teachers and students. Why add more?

  6. Tank

    For 50 years–liberals have supported and installed liberal judges throughout the nation to prevent public schools from establishing a sane safe learning environment. Minorities are trying to flee to–scant few charter schools–where they will have a chance to escape the public school prison system. It’s too late to save this corrupt failed system—even minorities want out. Trumps will finally break the stranglehold of this nasty racist corrupt run system.

  7. Jenni


    Thank you for reporting the truth about Betsy DeVos’s for profit charter school practices here in Michigan. They have funneled much neede public schools money for over 25 years without any accountability or increasing achievements in the students they served!

  8. Mae Fey

    I felt offended by the comment that the best teachers available are only in “really white, really suburban areas.” I am fortunate to work with excellent educators in a public school. Our students who are more often non-white and/or in poverty than not. I see my overqualified, relatively underpaid colleagues go above and beyond everyday in the classroom and regularly sacrifice their personal time, resources, and money for our students. These people epitomize what best educators are. This conversation is overlooking the challenges and uncertainty children in poverty and marginalization face and the additional work an educator of these children must do to try to level the playing field. I submit that the advantages of having involved parents who successfully navigated our public educational system and the security of having one’s basic physiological needs met cannot be replaced with creative, topnotch educators alone.

  9. Gregg Martinson

    Lily is a tremendous advocate for public education. She pushes back on the narratives that are so common to go after public education. Its not fully landed here do to the back and forth that goes on but she makes some good points about how funding is tied to achievement regardless of what people say. I hope that she will be part of rebuilding a more transparent and open process for supporting candidates that can fight the Trump administration in the future.

  10. Thara Cooper

    Lily, thank you for always keeping the students up front in discussing the issues that affect us all. Our association is always advocating for ALL children, and your leadership continues to support this in all things.

  11. Albert Barnes

    I am perplexed that we’re unable to understand the simple fact that we are taking public tax dollars from the majority and give it to a wealthy minority. For example, we propose a voucher payment @ $5000.00/child/year to fund a private, none accountable education for a family with 3 children, who pay less than $4000.00/year in property taxes each year. The bottom line is that other taxpayers in the same area have their education funding reduced per child to pay for a few children’s private education. (Interesting) It seems like no one wants to hear truth.


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