I will stand up, I will speak up for students: Sign the pledge

Our schools should be havens. But right now, many of our students are scared, anxious, and feeling threatened. At NEA, we are hearing from students and educators all around the country who are encountering hostile environments in their schools and communities, with fake deportation notices being handed out and swastikas drawn in bathrooms.

We are being flooded with reports of hateful words, actions, and images directed at students in our schools. Nooses. Racist graffiti. Threats to our LGBTQ students. Headscarves being torn off. Girls being assaulted. Children are hearing that they are not welcome in their schools and even in the country they call home.

My heart is breaking. There is no place for this anywhere, let alone in our schools. 1024x1024

Educators, parents, and community members all know that this isn’t about politics, but simply that every student deserves a safe, welcoming, affirming learning environment. In fact, research shows that learning is stunted when the most basic need to feel safe and respected is not met.

The three million members of the NEA and our allies are here to say: you are safe with me.



I will stand up for students, and I will speak up in support of educators creating safe and affirming learning environments. I will take action with NEA so that EVERY student feels welcome and safe at school.

5 Responses to “I will stand up, I will speak up for students: Sign the pledge”

  1. Ramon Espinal

    I am standing for my students and their families and my community. Jose Marti used to say that children are born to be happy. There is no place in a civilized society where children should be living in fear of loosing their parents. A better world is possible!!

  2. Kim Uyyek

    I am fortunate to teach in a school where students support each other, and honestly, the most vocal ones support Hillary. However, I need to add my name to this pledge because I will stand-up for anyone who is being harassed or bullied in school or anywhere.

  3. Barb McDowell

    ALL students deserve to feel safe and secure in schools so they can focus on learning. It is bad enough when children bully other children or adults tear down other adults, but it’s gone way over the line when adults begin threatening children!
    Our country was built on immigrants from all over the world, and immigration laws were only put into place to limit, or deny rights to those who were different. People have been standing up to these injustices all along; however, it is time we all fight back in mass!

  4. Karen Barnes

    All of our students deserve to have a safe place to receive an education regardless of where they are from, children are children and all adults should be treating them the same and not bullying anyone.

  5. Nancy smith

    I do all that I can. It’s time to pull the parents, community, and politicians on board!!


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