MSNBC: We are alarmed, we are appalled, we are taking action!

When I’m asked about education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, this is how I respond:

And this is how you can respond!

6 Responses to “MSNBC: We are alarmed, we are appalled, we are taking action!”

  1. Renee Graham

    Thank you. I hope everyone will voice their opinion.

  2. Terri Shuman

    I just voted NO to Betsy DeVos. She is definitely not qualified to be our Education Secretary.

  3. Mark evans

    The NEA has propped themselves up for decades while the results of our public school students have shown the world they are falling behind. I think the NEA is scared of a little competition. Give DeVos a chance.

    • Kevin Ball

      Mark, Let her work on your child or grandchild’s school.

    • Angela Leitzer

      I doubt that those who are willing to give control of public education to someone so completely without qualifications or experience would be as willing to turn over their medical care to someone who brings only money and opinions to the job. Likewise, don’t send me an electrician, a financial advisor, or a teacher who has no training or experience for the position. The nomination of DeVos is a political payback, period. Some may be willing to turn over the vital cause of public education to a dilettante, but I have grandchildren whose education will be affected by the decisions made at the federal level. I say NO to DeVos–give us someone with knowledge, experience and skills. And, by the way, let’s hold charter schools to the same level of accountability as public schools.

  4. Jan Chamberlin

    I likewise am appalled. We must protect our freedoms. We must have freedom of speech.
    There are still enough good people left in the world that we can make a difference if we stand together.

    much love,
    Jan Chamberlin


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