New Year, New Congress

We Urge Members to Hear Our Voices.

However painful 2016 was, a new year offers a fresh start.  This year, we will take nothing for granted.  The challenges we will inevitably face may mean that we can see new strategies and new solutions that would have eluded us in the past.  

2017 marks the start of the 115th Congress, and we’re reaching out to members of Congress to encourage them to approach the unfolding year with a different perspective, too. We’re asking them to put families ahead of partisan politics and renew America’s commitment to public education so that all students, regardless of ZIP code, have the support, tools and time to learn.


The 114th Congress made history in 2015, when it passed the end of National Test and Punish and replaced it with the Every Student Succeeds Act. It passed because of bipartisan will in the light of the disastrous No Child Left Untested.  Congress came together and listened to educators, and the real winners were our students.

Please take a minute to read our full message to the 115th Congress. Also, follow the conversation on Twitter @NEAMedia.

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