We #LoveTeaching and quizzes :)

These days, who couldn’t use a healthy dose of love? Maybe love isn’t all we need, but it sure would be good to have more of it.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these verses and try to match them up with the poets who wrote them. (No Googling allowed!)

Valentine’s Day is about giving and showing love, and it’s also the kickoff for the weeklong #LoveTeaching campaign.

The campaign was launched by teachers, and NEA is a proud partner. From February 14 through the 21st, teachers are encouraged to share inspirational stories and anecdotes about their professional experiences on social media, post a video or pictures, create an infopic with Canva or another online design tool, put up a note in the teachers’ lounge or hallway display case, or find other ways of celebrating each other. Be sure and use the #LoveTeaching hashtag when posting online. Lots of shareable graphics are available, too.

Perhaps you can write a love poem for the occasion.

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