This time my tears are of joy: Felicitaciones Wildin Acosta

A year ago I had tears in my eyes to learn of one of our students, Wildin Acosta, was taken by ICE agents to be deported.  He was in the country living with his family in North Carolina awaiting word on his request for asylum, fleeing the violence of his home country.  The teachers and support staff at his high school love this young man.  

They contacted the NEA and other organizations, and together we organized our voices on his behalf.  Against all odds, he was released to the loving arms of his family.  

Today, I have tears in my eyes again—this time because I have learned of Wildin’s graduation from high school. This amazing young man received his diploma and the congratulations of the educators, fellow students and their parents in this learning community that has become his extended family.

WIldin Acosta graduates from High School

We all dream with Wildin for a future where his dreams will come true.  

Felicitaciones, mijo.  We are proud of you.


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