Hurricane Harvey: How to help

Being part of NEA means being part of a family—a huge and caring family—that reaches out to members when disaster strikes. We are stepping forward in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The hurricane made landfall in Rockport, Tex. on Friday, August 25, and in the aftermath of the Category 4 storm, Houston and other communities have been swamped by the most extreme rain event in our nation’s history. The images of flattened buildings, devastated neighborhoods, and roadways inundated by unprecedented floods are horrifying and frightening.

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey sent devastating floods pouring into Houston Sunday as rising water chased thousands of people to rooftops or higher ground. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)


Texans are rising to the tremendous challenge, helping their friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers find shelter and safety. We’ve seen daring rescues by dedicated state and federal public service workers, Red Cross volunteers, and everyday people who are doing whatever they can to help, marshaling any available resources to aid relief efforts. This is the American spirit at its best, when we summon unity and compassion to get through a crisis as one. But the storm is not yet over. We all must be part of relief efforts.

Our union is coming together to help the thousands of NEA members affected. We’ve established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund,, to assist our members in getting back on their feet. Your donations will help them replace belongings and meet the many expenses they will certainly face.  

Estimates are that as many as one-third of NEA members in Texas have been impacted or will be in the days to come. In many cases, they’ve lost cars and homes or sustained other serious property damage. They are blessed to be alive, but they will struggle financially and emotionally to rebuild their lives. Unfortunately, Louisiana may sustain serious damage from the storm as well.

Please donate to the relief fund to help our sisters and brothers. If you have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, we are here for you and will do all we can to help. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your families, friends, and communities. Please know that you are not alone.

As educators, we know that when disasters like this occur, children are often traumatized and need us to help them heal. Resources are available at to deal with your students’ fears and questions.

All of us can play a role in rebuilding the lives of those impacted by this storm, standing strong for our members, and mending communities. On behalf of affected NEA members, thank you for your prayers and generosity. We will help our sisters and brothers find their way to brighter days and be their anchor through this storm.

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  1. Nancy vaughan

    I am a retired public school elementary teacher here in Southern California. Is there somewhere in Texas where I could go and help these teachers work with their children- I’ m presuming schools will be set up in temporary locations. I have lots of school supplies also: multiple copies of novels, dictionaries etc that I would love to donate in order to assist before the new textbooks etc are ordered and before they arrive. Please let me know how I can help- i’ m available to be a volunteer during this time of need.
    Nancy Vaughan
    949 246-7945
    Living in Orange County California

  2. Theresa homlish

    What % of the money will actually go to victims? With so many agencies asking money I want to donate so that max amount goes to hurricane victims

  3. Sarah Faulkner

    My school would like to find a “sister” school in Texas for my school to adopt to help with reconstruction. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Nicole L Garza

      We are also looking for.a sister school. I contacted YMCA and they were able to direct me to a high school. Good luck!

  4. Judy

    What % of my donation will go to helping the people impacted?

    Thank you

    • Lily

      Thank you for your interest. 100% of the donations goes to Harvey relief, it is a special fund that was set up that way.

  5. Laura Wahler

    My school would also like to adopt a school. We having been searching for people we can get in touch with. Thank you!!

    • Carrie Kronk

      I have been a 4th teacher at Charlie Marshall Elementary school in Aransas Pass Texas for 20 years now. On August 25th our schools and town were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. We still have not been able to begin school. Many of our students have lost everything. We are hoping to be able to begin school sometime in October. We are in need of everything. Our goal is for us to have supplies and books to read for every student who enters our door on our first day of school. Thank you for you help.

      • Sarah Faulkner

        Hi Carrie,

        You may have just answered my many emails looking for a “sister” school to help! Can I get more information about your school? Our students in East Granby, CT would love to “adopt” a school to send funds and stuff. I’m hoping to find a middle school about our size — we have grades 6-8, around 225 students. Is yours a middle school, and are you public/about our size? If not, we can still adopt you! I was hoping for a mirror school so our students could also write letters and maybe even send individual items your families need —
        like clothes, backpacks, etc. Please write to me and let me know! And if you’re not a match and know of one that might be better, please let me know. I also have to figure out a way to deliver materials. Suggestions are welcome!

        I’ve been to Aransas birding — what a huge storm you all suffered!


        • Carrie Kronk

          Sorry it took so long to get back..we have been having internet issues still. About my school..Charlie Marshall Elementary…grades 4-5…but will be 4-7 this year since our middle school took the hardest hit and will not be ready for students until after January. We normally have about 130 per grade. ..but since the hurricane, many families lost their homes and had to move several hours away..due to lack of housing. If you are still interested in helping our school and students that would be wonderful. We are looking to start school mid October. Once we start i can give your information to a 6th grade teacher for pen pals. They would love that. Our school address is Charlie Marshall Elementary school
          2300 McMullen Lane
          Aransas Pass, Texas
          Again…thank you.
          Carrie Kronk

          • Sarah Faulkner

            You’ve got it! My students are starting two fundraisers on Thursday, and we’d be delighted to have your school be the recipient! Please ask your 6th grade teacher to contact me — help will be coming!!!

          • Carrie Kronk

            Oh Thank you..this means so much. I will definitely get with the 6th grade teacher..but that will probably not happen until October..when we actually start school. Again..thank you…this means so much to our students and town.

          • Lauren Scanlan

            Hello Carrie-
            Our school student council was also looking for a school to partner with. I can see your information from your posts above. Please expect some supplies to come to you from Our school in Illinois as well.
            Thank you!
            Lauren Scanlan
            3rd Grade Teacher
            Winnebago Elementary

          • Carrie Kronk

            OH Thank you! We are still waiting to begin school. Our target date is mid October. This means so much to me and the community of Aransas Pass, Texas. I cannot wait to see the students as they enter our doors on the first day of school and I share the generosity and love from you and others with them. They will be so excited. Out of the bad comes the good..this will be a life lesson they will never forget. Again..Thank yoy!

  6. Glenda Scott

    I am a retired kindergarten teacher and I have so many childrens books I would like to share with teachers, families or who could use them. I’ve given and and given and still have so many. I may have some other odds and ends things they could use…for crafts, projects, …..if schools are allowed to do that anymore. Just let me know

    • Donna

      I found this address for donating school supplies in Houston.
      HISD Harvey Donations
      Delmar Fieldhouse
      2020 Mangum Road
      Houston, TX 77092

  7. kathy alicea


  8. Megan Proto

    We have many boxes of intermediate level books that we’d be interested in sending your way to contribute to replacing lost/damaged materials. Please let me know if that’s something that can be used and include contact details if possible. Thank you.

  9. Maria

    Where can school supplies be sent to for hurricane victims in TX and FL?

  10. Maria

    Where can I send school supplies for hurricane victims?

  11. Angie Higgins

    We have several schools in Michigan that want to adopt a school in Texas and Florida. Who do we get a hold of?

  12. Angie Higgins

    My school wants to adopt a school, who should we contact? Thank you

  13. Tiffany Hartdegen

    We are looking for any school that we would be able to assist in providing books, supplies, etc. We are an elementary, bilingual school, and we would love to be able to assist another elementary school in the Houston area that has been touched by the hurricane. Please let me know. Thanks.

  14. Victoria Cozzolino

    My school just did a back pack fundraiser. We have 250 filled back packs for Harvey/Irma affected areas. How can I get the supplies to where they need to go? Is the NEA taking any trailers down to those areas???

  15. Leigh

    I am a retired educator. Is there a need for folks to go down and tutor or help teach?

  16. Angela

    Greetings all, I was sworn in to the Beaumont (Texas) ISD Board of Managers the week before Harvey hit. We are a TItle I school district of over 18,000 pre-k3 through 12th graders. We had to close Central Medical Magnet High School due to mold contamination and need teacher and student supplies for 750 students. Two new copy machines would be really helpful.

    District-wide we need uniforms. United Way is partnering with us and is where anyone can donate to our online uniform drive until November 3.

    After uniforms, our next greatest need is books for all grades. At Central we need grades 9-12 fiction, as well as books on science, technology, engineering, math, medicine, and college prep.

    Port Arthur was hurt worse than Beaumont, and they need everything. I would love to see school adoptions with a pen pal program component in both cities.

    One way to share donations with Beaumont, Port Arthur, and surrounding school districts in Jefferson and nearby counties in Southeast Texas, is the Lamar University distribution center.
    Boxes must be marked ISD SCHOOL SUPPLIES, labeled with their contents, and addressed to:
    Lamar University
    Shipping and Receiving
    1050 East Lavaca
    Beaumont, TX 77705

    Items specifically for Central may be shipped to:
    Central Medical Magnet High School at the Austin Campus
    Harvey Relief Donations
    Attn: Asst Principal Jackson
    3410 Austin Street
    Beaumont, TX 77706

    Our needs may change in the coming weeks,
    so please call BISD and ask for
    RoseMarie DeLano, C.P.A.
    BISD Internal Auditor and
    Harvey Relief Coordinator
    (409) 617-5000
    before shipping anything as she may have a more up-to-date need or specific campus address for your donation.

    Finally, notes of encouragement for our BISD family (students, staff, faculty, and administrators including our superintendent) may be mailed to:

    Helping Heal the Hurt from Harvey
    c/o Angela Corbin Bransford, Board Manager
    3395 Harrison Avenue
    Beaumont, TX 77706

    Thank you in advance for your kindness.

  17. Amy Nemecek

    We are looking for a school to donate money to to help replace items in the classroom.


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