The time is now. We will continue to fight for our dreamers!

We won’t give up on our DACAmented brothers and sisters. They are our students, colleagues, friends and neighbors. This is the next step. We need you to act.

Please urge Congress to act swiftly to pass the Dream Act of 2017 – a permanent legislative solution that will  provides a pathway toward citizenship for DACA recipients and Dreamers.  Dial 1-855-764-1010 now to be connected to your members of Congress. After your call, tell us how it went by filling out this form.

One Response to “The time is now. We will continue to fight for our dreamers!”

  1. John Hutter

    I stand with our president to make congress take action on DACA. There isn’t a white supremacy conspiracy with this president. He’s only making congress do the right thing and enforce the law of the land or to make congress change it. I fully support a path to citizenship if that’s what congress decides to do.


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