Public schools: We are here for all

November 13-17 is American Education Week, and it’s time to show our public-school pride to the world.

Across our nation, public schools are where children from all backgrounds and circumstances come together to learn and be inspired by professionals who believe in and are devoted to students. Nine out of 10 students in the United States attend public schools. We are making a difference in their lives each day.  You can find great artwork in honor of American Education Week here.

On the Wednesday of every American Education Week, we celebrate National Education Support Professionals Day; this year, it’s on November 15. NEA created National ESP day 30 years ago to recognize the contributions to a positive, supportive learning environment made by school bus drivers, instructional assistants, paraeducators, office workers, health and student services employees, food service workers, custodians, maintenance workers, security guards, technology specialists, and skilled trades workers.

We work together as a team to ensure that schools are open and welcoming to all, a point worth emphasizing at a time of divisiveness in our nation. This openness is significant considering our Education Secretary’s embrace, in her own words, of schools that state: “We’re not for everybody and we don’t expect everybody to want to come here.”

Well, I’m proud to say that we believe public schools are the cornerstone of communities, where we provide students with the support and tools they need and deserve, and bring people from all walks of life together.


Take a picture that represents the pride you take in public schools and post it this week to your social media channels using #PublicSchoolsForAll. And remember that education support professionals’ dedication to their jobs contributes to our pride. Thank them on National Education Support Professionals Day—and every day!

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