A superhero you should meet

Stephone Avery is my idea of a superhero. He’s a custodian at Camden Intermediate in Arkansas, and he was recently profiled in the magazine published by the Arkansas Education AssociationArkansas Educator, about what he does at the school.

His “to do” list is pretty long: ensuring that Camden is a welcoming, safe environment for students, greeting kids in the morning, teaching youngsters how to raise and lower the flag, mentoring students, spending time with those who need extra attention. And that’s just a sampling.

Education support professionals like Avery are worth celebrating—in fact, that’s what Education Support Professionals Day, which we observed just last month, is all about. In my view, every day is a good day for thanking them. 

Read here to find out more about Stephone, who is also an activist and leader in his union and a pastor, too. Thank the education support professionals you know for being dedicated to our students and schools.

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