Becoming an Advocate in 2018

Last year, I started featuring on this blog occasional articles from NEA state affiliate magazines. It’s my way of highlighting what NEA members are doing across the nation to win the opportunities and support that all students, from kindergarten through college, deserve.

This time, I’m showcasing an article from Missouri NEA’s Winter 2017 magazine about why educators should be advocates for students and our core values. In “Becoming an Advocate,” Cherona Hicklin, a Missouri NEA member who is associate professor of teacher education and student NEA sponsor at Missouri Southern State University, asks us to consider that being involved in our communities “is an educator’s duty.”

She suggests asking ourselves a few key questions to figure out what to tackle, such as “What is the cost of not doing anything on this issue?” and “What does this mean to my local school, school district, and students?” Certainly, there’s no shortage of challenges for us to take on—from ending the school to prison pipeline to creating a path to citizenship for aspiring citizens. (Find out more by checking out NEA Edjustice.)

While it’s easy to get overwhelmed with our many responsibilities and “not recognize the potential…to influence this world on a greater level,” Cherona writes that whatever our role, we must lift up our voices “beyond the four walls of a classroom,” the hallways of a school, or the buildings and grounds of a campus. 

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