Our Letter to Ben & Jerry’s–And it’s Not About Ice Cream

The NEA family is always proud to join with communities across the nation in standing up for working people. At our 2017 convention in Boston, we awarded the annual César Chávez Human and Civil Rights Award to Migrant Justice for advocating for better working and housing conditions for Latino farm workers in Vermont.

Migrant Justice reached an historic agreement recently with Ben & Jerry’s after waging the three-year Milk With Dignity campaign. The 2009 death of José Obeth Santiz Cruz inspired the Migrant Justice movement; Cruz was strangled to death by his own clothing after he was pulled into a piece of equipment. Under the agreement, the Vermont-based ice cream maker will require its milk suppliers to treat workers more fairly, including paying them a living wage and improving safety.

We wrote this letter (Ben Jerry’s NBI 89-2017) to Ben & Jerry’s to encourage the company to fully implement the agreement, because where workers’ rights are concerned, “an injury to one is an injury to all.”

Find out more about Migrant Justice and the Milk With Dignity campaign here and the NEA César Chávez Human and Civil Rights Award here.



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