Betsy DeVos has failed our students. It is time for her to resign.

Donald Trump touched a raw nerve with the American public, students, parents, and public education advocates, when he nominated the utterly unqualified and unprepared Betsy DeVos to serve as the nation’s education secretary.

Alarms went off, red flags were raised, and outcries from the public, followed her nomination. She became a punchline for late night comedians during her disastrous confirmation hearing because she simply failed to convince the American public that she was up for the job.

Last February, Americans across the nation drove a bipartisan repudiation of the Trump-DeVos agenda for students and public education. Students, educators, parents, civil rights and special education advocates—along with millions of Americans—have been speaking out, loud and clear: We are here to stay and we will protect our students and public education. Educators across the nation spearheaded the opposition initially, but the chorus against her nomination quickly grew louder and took on a life of its own immediately following her confirmation hearing.

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