Hurricane devastation: Helping educators and schools

Hurricane season 2018 continues, and yet another a powerful storm has brought destruction to many communities.

This time, it was Hurricane Michael, a major Category 4 storm.  It brought torrential rains and 155-mph winds to the Florida Panhandle, and also did major damage in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. At least 14 deaths have been attributed to the hurricane, the fourth-most powerful (according to wind speed) ever to make landfall in the continental U.S. since recordkeeping began more than 160 years ago.

You’ve been so generous in the past helping our members and schools in the aftermath of the terrible hurricanes last year, and Hurricane Florence, just a month ago. In the spirit of solidarity and compassion, I ask that you help NEA members who were affected by Hurricane Michael. We have created an NEA Hurricane Michael Relief Fund to accept your generous donations.  

For information to assist in talking to students about hurricanes and helping them cope with any fear or trauma they may experience, please see our Hurricane Resources and Relief page.

The road to recovery will be long; NEA members and their communities will need our ongoing contributions to make it through this difficult and emotionally draining time. They need to know we are with them, that we share their sorrow and empathize with their losses. Our compassion and generous donations will help restore their hope that tomorrow will be better.  

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