State legislative issues to watch in 2019

If you are an educator-activist, I hope you used the winter break (remember that?) to recharge and renew. We will need your energy and enthusiasm this year to continue making gains for students and public schools.

We did excellent work on Election Day 2018 by electing pro-education politicians. Now, we must pay close attention and give them all the help they need to pass budgets, laws, and policies that benefit students.

Our wins were record-setting last year. In many states where education budgets were severely cut year after year, we put new governors and legislators into office who pledge to reverse those trends. But many politicians remain whose mission is to slash school budgets and expand voucher programs that take funding from students in public schools and shift money to private schools. These politicians also don’t believe educators deserve decent salaries and benefits, or a say in creating the conditions that we know lead to good results for our students.

We made serious inroads on Election Day. But those of us who believe that all students deserve great learning opportunities in public schools must keep pushing ahead.

From education funding to attempts to expand voucher programs, here are some of the top issues we’ll be watching, as compiled by NEA Education Votes.

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