Thank a teacher for standing up, for marching in, for using a megaphone to demand better schools

It’s time for National Teacher Day, celebrated every year on the first Tuesday in the month of May since the fine year of our Lord 1953, when Lady Eleanor Roosevelt convinced a wise and happy Congress to proclaim it throughout the land.

This year (and every year) there are so many reasons  and so many ways to thank teachers and show educators how much we value, respect and are in total awe of what they do every day, all year long.

You can write a note, send flowers, get a gift card, share a poem, make a present, etc. Here are some more wonderful ideas from the national PTA, I love their theme about how teachers are “Out of this World”  and help every student reach for the stars.

If you run out of ideas, here is a list  of ways to thank teachers, chosen by teachers themselves (yes, it includes a new Secretary of Education).

But this year I want to thank all my wonderful colleagues and our courageous NEA members for standing up, for marching on, for walking in, for using their teacher voice (megaphone optional) to demand that our schools have everything they need, so our students can be everything they want to be.

Educators have marched in the heat, rallied in the rain, knocked on doors, walked with students and parents, made really creative signs, and talked to anyone and everyone, all in an effort to ensure students have the opportunity and schools they deserve.

In this national #RedforEd movement, we’ve forced politicians to listen, to pay attention to the years of chronic neglect that have taken a toll on students and schools. And not only did we change the public discourse about public education, but we delivered victories that will improve the lives of students in communities across the country.

And we were able to elect some wonderful educators at a local and national level so they can advocate for students from the school house to the state house and the halls of Congress.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to every last one of you who has been a part of this movement.

As you know there is no one more willing to stand up for our kids in a crisis than educators.

We show up after a hurricane or a tornado or a flood (actually even before because our schools are used as shelters).

We come early, we stay late, we pull out of our pockets to buy what students need.

We stand together to demand community schools that bring neighborhoods together to serve ALL students;

We stand together for nutrition programs; and the arts and sports; for restorative justice;

We stand together for school nurses, and librarians, and secretaries and the village of para-professionals our students need;

We stand together as professionals who know the names of our students, who are dedicated to their full development, and who are ready to stand up for the most amazing profession in the world.

Thank you!  ¡Gracias de todo corazón!


2 Responses to “Thank a teacher for standing up, for marching in, for using a megaphone to demand better schools”

  1. Carole Pigman

    My children’s basic human rights and sense of safety have been violated and in this country I trusted to protect them! They were adopted from China and Vietnam, now authorities nationally and internationally know how my children have been treated by administrators, teachers, politicians in the State of oregon! If you would like our court orders, horrific abuse reports, DOJ letters, parental severance papers I would be more than happy to provide the NEA, as I had contacted you in the past!

  2. Maura Pryor Mason

    I think there should be a walk on Washington this summer by all teachers in every state.
    We must take a stand nationally and let the people of the US know we are committed to educating all children and want funding for public schools, and are not in agreement with Mrs. DeVos about privatization and funding shifting from public schools to private schools that can pick and choose students.( Students with disabilities, people of color, people who practice religions other than Christian Left out) We must also be loud and clear about salaries, pensions and benefits. We are professionals, many of whom are still paying student loans! Let’s come together and March on Washington!


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