I’m proud

I’m proud of our education voters in the 2014 elections. From Wisconsin to Florida…from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, we’ve put together profiles of stellar educators who know that their vote is their students’ voice. More…


TIME to Beat up Teachers

A fabulous friend recently said to me, “I’m just so tired of the new national pastime – Beat up a Teacher.” She had seen the nasty cover of Time with a court gavel about to smash an apple (a good one by the way). She had seen the title she knew was a lie: It’s nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. But I think what pushed her over the edge was the subheading: A group of Silicon Valley investors wants to change that. More…

Rncocas Valley Regional HS

What TIME Magazine Needs to Know about Tenure and Why it Matters

The cover story for the November 3rd issue of Time, The War on Teacher Tenure, sensationalizes the attempts of a few tech millionaires to take on due process policies like tenure in court. Time’s cover purposefully gives the false impression that there are many, many bad teachers


The Best School-Reform Ideas Come From Educators

If you wanted a reliable medical opinion, you would ask a doctor, not a politician or pundit. If your car needed a tune up, you’d go to a garage, not a grocery store. And if you were looking for strategies to improve your community, you would start at home!

Department of Education photos by Joshua Hoover

This Testing Obsession Isn’t Getting Us Anywhere

“What they’re facing is this onslaught of tests that people are just twisting in knots, trying to hit some score on a standardized test, because if you don’t have your quota of kids that hit the cut score, someone gets punished,” Lily Eskelsen García told Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, Utah.

technology class.

We Know What Equity Looks Like, and We are Passionate About it

Equity is a cause I have fought for all my life, since the days I taught in a Homeless Shelter School in Salt Lake City. It is the cause of my heart. I work every day—as I know many of you do—in the hope that some day every blessed child can walk into her neighborhood More…


Paid Sick Days for Parents Benefit Kids, Schools

It’s back to school season! Educators and students are back in school, after many have prepared much of the summer. Families are once again preparing for an even more hectic juggling act. And with the new school year, and changing weather, comes the likelihood of sick children. While no parent plans for children to get More…


Back to School in Illinois!

Lily was in Illinois on September 22 for NEA’s 2014 Back to School Tour. She saw examples of great ELL and STEM programs, met with ESP members, and talked to media about Voter Registration Day. [View the story “NEA Back to School 2014: Illinois” on Storify]