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The NEA Foundation courses are intended to develop collaborative skills and content knowledge. The courses promote union-district collaboration as a tool for systems change and were developed by field experts, using a rich selection of resources.


Michigan: Let’s make election history for our schools

Wow…so exhilarated! Today I shared the stage with labor greats Mary Kay Henry of SEIU and Dennis Williams of UAW. Even President Barack Obama made an appearance at the rally to support champions for education. What makes my job the best? Speaking to a huge crowd excited to elect people who will fight for our More…


AZ and CO Elections: Bring it on

On our Vote for Education tour, everyone is so kind and happy that team NEA is in the house. We visit schools and talk with parents and teachers and support professionals and principals and school board members about their greatest hopes and their greatest fears for the future. There are hugs and selfies and there’s a feeling that if people only knew how important these elections were to students, we wouldn’t be facing such nail-biters in Arizona and Colorado and Florida and Michigan and too many others. More…


Arizona: It’s Voting Country

This post is dedicated to social justice warriors here in Tucson, in Phoenix and across this great country. I’m traveling today, going to places where the margin of error for electing great public school advocates is razor thin. If we aren’t there doing everything we need to do to help them, we won’t win. More…


I’m proud

I’m proud of our education voters in the 2014 elections. From Wisconsin to Florida…from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, we’ve put together profiles of stellar educators who know that their vote is their students’ voice. More…


TIME to Beat up Teachers

A fabulous friend recently said to me, “I’m just so tired of the new national pastime – Beat up a Teacher.” She had seen the nasty cover of Time with a court gavel about to smash an apple (a good one by the way). She had seen the title she knew was a lie: It’s nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. But I think what pushed her over the edge was the subheading: A group of Silicon Valley investors wants to change that. More…

Rncocas Valley Regional HS

What TIME Magazine Needs to Know about Tenure and Why it Matters

The cover story for the November 3rd issue of Time, The War on Teacher Tenure, sensationalizes the attempts of a few tech millionaires to take on due process policies like tenure in court. Time’s cover purposefully gives the false impression that there are many, many bad teachers