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My Letter to Arne Duncan on NCLB

Let’s join together to develop a smarter, new generation accountability system that includes an opportunity dashboard so that we may fulfill the promise of equal educational opportunity for all our students. More…


NCLB: Our students Should not Have to Wait any Longer

We all know that 12 years under a broken No Child Left Behind system has failed students and schools by neglecting to close the achievement and opportunity gaps as promised. Our students, especially those most in need, should not have to wait any longer. More…

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Top 10 Who Made a Difference

Latino Magazine named its Top 10 leaders who made a difference in the past year. Lily made the list for being a tireless advocate for students and teachers. Congratulations! More…


Make 2015 the Year to Pursue an Education Without Fear

This is a message from Education International of which NEA is a member.  With many of you about to begin the holidays, reflect on the year that has been and prepare for the one ahead, Education International has one last request for 2014; a request that looks to make 2015 a more positive year for so More…

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When will Toxic Testing End? When a Child is Dying? Not Always

What happened to Andrea Rediske and her son Ethan will break your heart, and illustrate the callous absurdity of high stakes toxic testing. I had the privilege of meeting her and sharing her story. (We actually met through this blog!) It is time to take action! Join us: Time to Teach, Time to Learn