Lily Eskelsen Garcia with Student in New Jersey

What Was I Doing in New Jersey?

NEA’s Back to School Tour continues in New Jersey. Lily met with educators, community leaders and the students they love. [View the story "NEA Back to School 2014: New Jersey" on Storify]


What I Did in Texas this Week…

Lily visited several schools, met with superintendents, shared with members, listened to educators and interacted with beautiful children eager to learn. Check out some of the highlights. [View the story "NEA Back to School 2014: Texas" on Storify]


Time to Scale Back School Testing

Do you remember a teacher or other school employee who made a difference in your life? Perhaps someone who really brought an academic subject to life, or who simply helped you through a difficult time?


Stop. Listen. Little Voices are Calling to Us

In the past few weeks, I’ve been mesmerized by the voices of young refugees from Central America, telling their stories. One little girl I read about was described by the reporter as no more than eight or nine. She sat in a chair holding a doll before the immigration authorities, swinging her feet beneath the More…


We Must Demand Equitable Funding for our Schools

We both began our teaching careers working with disadvantaged students. The very first thing we learned is that these children can learn, they can thrive and they can make a teacher’s heart sing.


Great Things Are Happening in Public Schools (all you have to do is visit)

NEA’s Back to School Tour (#NEAB2S) visited Florida and saw some amazing things happening in local public schools. Dedicated teachers, great support staff, innovative programs and engaged students. We even saw an endangered species! Here are some of the photos we (our photographer Kevin Locke) took along the way.


Just Because I’m NEA President, Doesn’t Mean…

Just because I’m NEA president, doesn’t mean I can’t still do lunch duty. What a privilege to serve the students at Highlands Elementary in Kissimmee, Florida. Just because I’m @NEAToday president, doesn’t mean I can’t do lunch lady duty. @FloridaEA #neab2s @Osceolaschools — Lily Eskelsen García (@Lily_NEA) September 5, 2014

Lily at Hialeah High School

Back to School Tour in Florida

There are great things happening in public schools in Florida. So honored to see the great work of dedicated educators: [View the story "NEA Back to School: Florida" on Storify]


New America Media: High Stakes Testing is Toxic

Check out this article after Lily’s conversation with ethnic media in Los Angeles: At a briefing for ethnic media in Los Angeles, Lily Eskelsen García acknowledged the challenges ahead of her. “What we’re up against,” she said, “are people who use good words like reform, and accountability, and progress.” But their real meaning will be More…


LA Times: On a Mission to Galvanize Teachers and Parents

Lily Eskelsen García has a history that reads like a made-for-TV movie: She began her education career making salads in a school cafeteria and was nudged toward college by a kindergarten teacher who liked the way the 18-year-old related to young children. She paid her college bills with folk-singing gigs, graduated magna cum laude and More…