We Need Degrees Not Debt

How do you tell a promising student with the heart and mind to be a fantastic teacher that she can’t afford to join us in the world’s best profession?


Time to Celebrate American Education Week!

Despite what some misguided media may say, there are plenty of wonderful, amazing and compelling things happening in our public schools. Check out what we saw in Nashville, Tennessee.


We Love it When Parents are Involved in School

I remember when I first started teaching sometime in the late 1800s when one of the moms of one of my 4th graders came to the class to apologize. She had always been The Room Mother for her kids, but this year she was working outside the home, and she was apologizing for not being More…


NEA Foundation Online Classes: A Great Resource for You!

The NEA Foundation courses are intended to develop collaborative skills and content knowledge. The courses promote union-district collaboration as a tool for systems change and were developed by field experts, using a rich selection of resources.