Lily at SXSW! Yes, It’s all on Twitter!

Lily Eskelsen García was invited to speak at SXSW about closing the opportunity gap in our public schools, because NEA’s goal is to make a child’s zip code a number – not her destiny. More…


Opportunity for all: San Antonio, Texas

We believe every public school should be as good as the best public school and ensure that the gifts and talents of each and every child are given a chance to flourish. NEA president Lily Eskelsen García in San Antonio.


NCLB: Our students Should not Have to Wait any Longer

We all know that 12 years under a broken No Child Left Behind system has failed students and schools by neglecting to close the achievement and opportunity gaps as promised. Our students, especially those most in need, should not have to wait any longer. More…

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, NEA president

Come With Me. There’s a Revolution to Organize

I’ve been doing this blog for some time, but never as president of the National Education Association. There are many “firsts” in this new title: · First woman president of the NEA in 25 years. · First Latina president of the NEA.