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Standing up for middle class families in Michigan

Strong unions in Michigan have been a force in strengthening the middle class by bringing back more than 20,000 jobs while helping rescue the then-collapsing auto industry. In states with these so-called “right-to-work” laws, workers make an average of $1,500 less per year, 21 percent more people lack health insurance and workplace deaths are 51 percent higher than states without the law.

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Check out our very own Lily Eskelsen at a rally to protest Michigan’s attack on working families.


Lily Talks Education on Univision

In case you missed it, Lily was featured in an education related piece on the national Univision Network.  (So was Jeb Bush, but he is not a teacher).

Check out the video and some behind the scenes photos: (more…)


Join Lily (virtually speaking) @ NBC Student Town Hall

Join Lily at the Education Nation 2012 Student Town Hall where Melissa Harris-Perry hosts students for the first Education Nation at The New York Public Library. You can follow live here on Lily’s Blackboard on Sunday, Sept 23rd at 10:00am (ET) (more…)


¡Qué Viva Horizonte! An Alternative School Where Students Move Forward

Some of the students at the Horizonte Center in Salt Lake City have painted a mural in the front entryway. It is magnificent. It shows the faces of teachers, principals, support staff and community leaders who love them.

My friend, Susan McFarland’s picture is there. She gets puddle-eyed to show me. She is so proud to be in that painting because she knows that it is because the student artists who painted the wall know that she loves them. This is the measure of her life’s work. In a world of  bubble sheets of multiple-choice best-guesses, this is the hard evidence that she has been successful as an educator.

She is aware that her school has a reputation. Horizonte is the “alternative” school that other schools use to get their students in line. “Shape up or you’ll end up at Horizonte.” It is a threat. But what I saw was anything but threatening. It was nothing but love and hope and dreams coming true. Horizonte is not a place where students go to give up. It is a place where they go to move forward.