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Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Are you looking for a way to show your community that you support DREAMers?

Please join educators across the nation as we change our profile images on social media to show the world that we support the dreams and aspirations of our students and common sense immigration reform to make aspiring new Americans feel welcome.

You don’t have to be a geek to do this! Right click on the image below and save to your computer. Open your Facebook page and click on your profile image, click “upload photo” and add the Dreamers Welcome image! On Twitter click where it says “Profile” and then click “Change Photo”.


If you need a higher resolution photo click here. To download and print out click here (PDF)

If you print out this beautiful and compelling image to display in your classroom, workplace, home or place of worship, take a picture and send it to us! Upload it to your Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feed and tag it with #timeisnow. You can also email us at

Do as Lily did!

Changing your profile image is a visible and powerful way to show you are standing with millions of families who contribute daily to making our country a better nation.

The creator of the image, Favianna, is a California-based interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer, who hopes the image helps DREAMers “understand there is a community, people out there who care and stand with them in solidarity.”


  1. Patrick and Pamela Graney says:

    It’s a bit unbelievable that in the 21st century the United States is debating the wisdom and ethics of fixing our broken down immigration policy. We have always flourished with the influx of people from different cultures bringing with them their ideas and modes of expression. It gave people the opportunity to examine themselves from different perspectives, learn from each other and begin to create a more perfect union. However, the tea-publicans and the lock step mentality of the cowardly GOP continues to regurgitating incredibly stupid ideas of white supremacy and the primacy of profit over people. We need to move forward with or without the silly teabags..

  2. Absolutely! Will do!

  3. Absolutely! Will do. It’s beautiful!

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