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Bully Free: It Starts With Me…and You

Bullied students that go it alone because they don’t know who to turn to are far more likely to fall behind in their studies, get sick and/or depressed, miss school, and drop out.

And in the most tragic cases, the bullied student commits suicide, or “bullycide,” as it has come to be known. However, research tells us that one caring adult can make all the difference in a bullied student’s life.

That is why at the National Education Association, we are launching  NEA’s Bully Free: It Starts With Me which aims to identify caring adults in our schools and communities who are willing to stand out as someone pledged to help bullied students.

You can join this effort by taking the pledge to listen to bullied students who may approach you – and take action to stop the bullying. (You will even get a cool sticker and poster).

If you don’t know where to start check out our tips for educators on dealing with bullying. Number one, take complaints seriously!



Bullying: Are you The One?

Children are dying. A bully is making their lives miserable. A bully is threatening them. Humiliating them. Being mean.

There’s research on the bullies. (No, they are not all troubled children who don’t know how to love. Some of them are just mean. Some of them just like to have power over someone weaker. They enjoy crushing souls.)

There’s research on the silent bystanders. (Yes, they have a share of blame. Their silence gives power to the bully. Some of them are cowards. Some of them, like the bully, believe the child being bullied deserves it because they are different.

Their watching gives approval and encouragement.)

There’s research on why a child being bullied gives up and decides to die.

There’s research on why another bullied child decides to live.