The Unimaginable Outlier List

I went to Broward County at the invitation of our colleagues there.  There was no speech to give.  No press conference.  No interviews.  There was just disbelief and pain and the need to have a human heart hear of the hurt and hold each other. This hurt is now too familiar.  Only weeks earlier our More…

When will Toxic Testing End? When a Child is Dying? Not Always

What happened to Andrea Rediske and her son Ethan will break your heart, and illustrate the callous absurdity of high stakes toxic testing. I had the privilege of meeting her and sharing her story. (We actually met through this blog!) It is time to take action! Join us: Time to Teach, Time to Learn

Great Things Are Happening in Public Schools (all you have to do is visit)

NEA’s Back to School Tour (#NEAB2S) visited Florida and saw some amazing things happening in local public schools. Dedicated teachers, great support staff, innovative programs and engaged students. We even saw an endangered species! Here are some of the photos we (our photographer Kevin Locke) took along the way.

Just Because I’m NEA President, Doesn’t Mean…

Just because I’m NEA president, doesn’t mean I can’t still do lunch duty. What a privilege to serve the students at Highlands Elementary in Kissimmee, Florida. Just because I’m @NEAToday president, doesn’t mean I can’t do lunch lady duty. @FloridaEA #neab2s @Osceolaschools — Lily Eskelsen García (@Lily_NEA) September 5, 2014

Lily at Hialeah High School

Back to School Tour in Florida

There are great things happening in public schools in Florida. So honored to see the great work of dedicated educators: [View the story “NEA Back to School: Florida” on Storify]