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Education Nation…Let Them Hear Your Voice

I went up to the NBC website to see what their Education Nation week is all about. It will be impressive.

A week of conversations with expert panels of leaders, decision-makers, politicians and pundits that will be delivered across media channels and venues including opportunities for the public to visit an education “trade show” set up on Rockefeller Plaza and interviews and stories across NBC Land’s Today Show, Meet the Press, MSNBC, Nightly News and Telemundo.

I looked briefly, hopefully even, to see if the Expert Panels would include practitioners.  Practicing Teachers. Practicing support staff of special education assistants and librarians and reading tutors.

So often, the “education experts” at these summits are not our stellar Teachers of the Year or winners of awards, educators who were making a true difference for public school kids by offering amazing innovations in parent involvement, technology, motivation, opening the doors to college or world-of-work partnerships…No, far too often the expert panel leaders are decision-makers, politicians and pundits who emerge from the Green Room with camera makeup and lapel microphones.