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The NEA, Your Kids’ School and the Middle Seat

I travel a lot these days meeting with teachers and support staff and principals and parents and the press and anyone anywhere who wants to join hands and make good things happen for kids. I was on my way to Wichita to speak at a conference and the nice man in the middle seat started a nice conversation.

It always starts out nice.

“So, is Wichita home?” he nicely asks.

“No, I’m speaking at a teacher’s conference.”

“So, you a teacher?” he nicely asks.

“Yes, I’m a 6th grade teacher from Utah who works with the National Education Association. Kansas-NEA invited me to come talk about what we’re doing for our kids in the poorest neighborhoods and how we’re trying to recruit the best, most talented, most diversely-experienced teachers and support staff to work in their schools, and…”

(Click on image to see a video from Kansas NEA)

“NEA? I’ve heard about you guys,” he says not so nice.