The Great Thanksgiving Listen from StoryCorps

I’m an NPR junkie. National Public Radio gives me a Writers’ Almanac to break up the breaking and often heartbreaking news. It gives me Car Guys. It gives me Prairie Home Companion. And. It gives me StoryCorps. More…

Paris solidarite

We are all Paris

I am just back from my first meeting as a new regional vice president of Education International, an organization with the powerful solidarity of almost 400 educational unions and associations in 171 countries that represents more than 32 million educators from preschool to graduate school. They hold their meetings at their headquarters this week in Brussels. Yes. Brussels. More…

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garc“a on the 2015 NEA Back To School Tour

American Education Week Recap

This past week, November 16-20, we celebrated the 94th annual American Education Week. This weeklong celebration of public education gave us the chance to spotlight the importance of ALL the individuals who make a difference in the lives of students and ensure they receive a great public education. More…

High school students from the Grand Center Arts Academy march south along the Grand Boulevard sidewalk towards MokaBees Coffee house, Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, in St. Louis. The students were marching to show their support for Concerned Student 1950 protesters at the University of Missouri. (David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)  EDWARDSVILLE INTELLIGENCER OUT; THE ALTON TELEGRAPH OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT

No Power like the Power of the People

In cafeterias, student unions, dorms, classrooms, quads; through sit-ins, walkouts, and protests; across the country, students are taking action to expose racial injustice and demand change. We know that when students of color are stereotyped and marginalized, it is far more difficult for them to learn and achieve. This is not up for debate. This is fact. More…

NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garc“a on the 2015 NEA Back To School Tour

Season for Giving Thanks

This is my favorite time of the year because ’tis the season for giving thanks. Just last week we paused to give thanks to the veterans who have sacrificed to protect this great nation. We have another reason to be grateful to our veterans: together with teachers, they played a pivotal role nearly a century ago in education. More…

Kindergarten orientation day at Lake Region Schools in western Maine towns of Naples, Sebago and Bridgton. Shot for NEA. Line Mulcahy, bus driver and bus driver training officer, conducts her safety check-over of her bus. She checks fluid levels; examines the exterior checking mirrors, tires, windshield wipers, exterior lights, warnings and signs; the functioning of the emergency exits inside and out; interior lights, safety items including fire extinguisher and first aid kit; and opens all emergency exits. Her rear emergency exit door was stuck from the previous season, and Line recruited some strong men to release the door.

Real Superheroes Wear Sweaters

Let me tell you about some people who change the world every day: amazing rabble rousers in appliqued sweater vests. They drive your child’s school bus. They teach second grade. They are leading the fight for child nutrition and to end childhood hunger. More…

Peace for Paris


There are no words.  And yet we grasp for words to describe the horror and tragedy and loss that we all feel this week when someone says just the one word:  Paris. We know in our minds that such heartless, cruel violence against innocent people is possible, but in our hearts it is still inconceivable.  More…

A Very Special Thank you to Our Veterans

Guest Blog: Thankful Today and Every Day

While we are grateful year-round for the service of our men and women in the military, Veteran’s Day gives a special moment to honor those who have served our country unselfishly and sacrificed more than some can imagine. More…