School’s anniversary video shows its deep community connections

Love. History. Family. Culture. Support. Diversity. Tradition. Camaraderie.

These are the words W.T. Moore Elementary educators, administrators, and parents use in this anniversary video to describe the Tallahassee, Fla. elementary school. Powerful, right?

W.T. Moore is celebrating its 50th birthday. That’s a lot of years dedicated to connecting with and inspiring students–and in many cases, generations of families. To celebrate, faculty are inviting former teachers, students, and administrators back to the school they love, the school that’s been part of their lives for half a century.

The reunion shows W.T. Moore’s continuity and how central it is the community.

W.T. Moore Elementary is exceptional, but it is not the exception. It is a great example of the many public schools across the nation that bring us together and symbolic of the educators who are committed to unlocking students’ potential and positioning them for success.

Yet, despite the need for well-resourced public schools in every community, many students, educators, and schools are not receiving the support they need. Budgets are being cut. Classes are overcrowded, denying students the opportunity for one-on-one attention from educators. Some students still rely on outdated textbooks with maps of the Soviet Union. We must raise our voices for our students and our public schools.

The best way to salute schools like W.T. Moore is by speaking out to support them. To learn more about how educators, students, and parents are advocating for their schools, read more about the #RedforEd movement here. And don’t forget to check out this powerful video.

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