Lily On Assignment With CNN’s Sanjay Gupta

Thousands of schools across the country are in tremendous need of repair, remodeling, or replacement. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta tours a Pennsylvania public school with Lily Eskelsen and learns firsthand how indoor air quality issues affect student success.

Schools like this one fall woefully short in providing a minimum environment for effective teaching and learning. It represents the types of problems America’s public school students face nationwide.

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  1. Patrick Nicholson

    Great job informing Dr. Gupta and the public about the problems associated with poor indoor air quality in our nation’s schools! I especially liked how you explained that students, particularly those with health issues like asthma, are missing out on their education due to absences caused by poor IAQ in schools. The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that fully half of our public schools nationwide have IAQ problems. I’m a school custodian whose district is in the process of cutting our custodial staff again to help balance the budget. It’s not just the deteriorating buildings that are causing IAQ issues; it’s also due largely to the loss of custodians and maintenance workers that properly maintain these schools.
    Patrick Nicholson

  2. Pat Lortie

    I loved this from begining to end. The politicians are the ones we need to convince, their the ones taking all of the money away from the education process. I would say so far in our school system, if we have problems with roof leaks and etc. They do get them fixed in a timely matter.
    Keep up the good work for all of our students.
    Pat Lortie

  3. Claire Barnett

    Many thanks to NEA’s VP Eskelsen and NEA HIN’s Newberry for high profile advocacy to improve the environmental conditions of our schools. It is a tough tough story to report and we hope that with more features such as CNN’s that public agencies will step up to help schools, with funds and with sound practical reforms.

    Warm regards, Claire Barnett

  4. Brian Kasher

    Thank you for being a resource for this important eye opening segment by Sanjay Gupta. To add to Patrick’s comments, it is important that we all understand conditions that impact IAQ, health and student performance do not all look as insidious as toxic chemicals and bad roofs. Many times issues can be right under our noses and not be recognized as harmful. Poor or absent classroom ventilation, room deodorizers, improperly maintained carpets, accumulations of dust (mostly dead skin cells and cellulose in schools) and other indoor air pollution sources can be just as harmful to students learning ability and teachers ability to teach. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. lydia Godje


    You are a dynamo! Thanks for being the advocate that takes the bull by the horn and doesn’t let go until the problem is resolved! You are supported as we continue to face some of our most challenging issues in history!!!!

    Lydia Godje – Nevada Delegate!! (smile)


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