Lily Eskelsen García: Netroots Nation Keynote

Did you miss Lily’s keynote at Netroots Nation? We have it! And we know you need to watch it:

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  1. Richard Wexler

    So glad to see this video at last. I was at Netroots and for me, this speech was the highlight. Even with the audio feed problems, it moved me just as much the second time. As I told someone at the NEA booth at Netroots, both my parents were teachers and union activists, and I only wish they’d lived to hear it.

  2. Randy L. Hoover

    Lily’s comments are as refreshing as they are valid. I have been a teacher advocate for many years and have been waiting for NEA to start taking a proactive, teacher advocate stance on these critical issues. I have just launched a new project, The Teacher Advocate at that offers a central location for understanding what is wrong with the reform initiatives and why they are wrong. The site is a culmination of my years of research and analysis of NCLB and its fallout that is destroying our public schools and their educators. Please visit the site and spread the word about the project. If anyone can let Lily know of it, please do so as it supports her claims and comments. Thank you.

  3. warner woodworth

    As a long term admirer of Lily’s work for Utah education, as a parent of 10 kids raised in Utah schools, and as a university professor who has taught management and community organizing, Lily was always right on target. During her teaching career, as well as public service, she inspired many to work with greater dedication on behalf of our families and our future. Thanks for this message and all you do!

  4. Shanna

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