C-Span: Lily talks about the “Trump effect”

Lily was on C-Span and talked about education policy why the educators are saying that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s 2016 candidacy is contributing to a rise in school bullying,the “Trump effect.” She responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Check it out!

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  1. anna etters

    Hillary Clinton is continuing to make an issue of the fact that Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns, and at the first presidential debate, she suggested that one reason for his reluctance may be that Trump doesn’t pay federal taxes.

    “Maybe he doesn’t want the American people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody’s ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn’t pay any federal income tax,” she said.

    Trump retorted that not paying taxes “makes me smart.”

    In reality, neither Clinton nor Trump have their talking points correct.

    We looked at a nearly identical claim by Clinton previously and found it to be Mostly False.

    The truth is none of the tax returns she is talking about have ever been released, and she’s ignoring other returns examined by New Jersey gambling regulators showing that Trump did pay taxes.

    The evidence is in a 1981 report that analyzed Trump’s finances as part of his efforts to get a casino license for a proposed casino-hotel complex.

  2. anna etters

    Use the above to get the real lowdown on the cons of obamacare in our Commonwealth of Virginia.

  3. Kenna Slough

    I can’t believe that I paid money to be in this association. How can you back Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump without truely asking all of your dues paying members what their thoughts are on this topic. I pay alot of money to belong to this organization to have you voice my opinion which is the wrong opinion. I do not support her nor will I ever. She has not given me one shred of evidence of what she can do to help our economy and our country. Mrs. Clinton must think that we are dumb americans because we cannot think for ourselves. We need to teach our kids to think for themselves not take handouts. How are we ever going to grow our communities if we keep giving people things that they have not earned. On the healthcare thing I have had to pay more in insurance because of Obamacare. What about my children don’t they count to, according to the REALITY CHECK they don’t. On the taxes he is not taking money out of the school systems. I put money into the school system in my county but my kids do not go to that school they go to a public school elsewhere. I pay alot of money in taxes for schools and I do not get one dime out of it. I know that none of this message will get heard because no-one wants to hear the truth. One thing is for sure that Donald Trump has never lied to anyone and has stated what he believes. People do not like that because they don’t like hearing the truth. What is it to be an American? This election should be based on trust, economy, safety, public education, etc. Not who can bash who the most. I know that Trump has made mistakes but so has Clinton and truely I trust him more than I do her. We have had alot of teachers not join the NEA because of belief differences. I didn’t understand why at the time but now I am figuring it out. I am sorry that I paid all of that money, that could have went to paying my insurance or taxes to this organization that supports people I do not believe or trust in.

  4. Bryan W. White

    Well, since the first version of this reply failed to publish, apparently caught in moderatorial purgatory, let’s try another version without a URL backing what I say.

    You, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, need better evidence than the Southern Poverty Law Center’s survey if you’re going to generalize about a “Trump Effect” that includes an increase in bullying caused by Trump’s campaigning.

    The SPLC survey had nothing in its design to reliably detect any increase in bullying. Nor, contrary to the survey summary’s author, did the number of Trump mentions in response to open-ended questions have anything to do with Trump causing anything. The survey was carelessly done and provides no real evidence of any “Trump Effect.”

    Do we want the head of the NEA popularizing pseudoscience? Sound the alarm based on anecdotal evidence if you like, but please do not rely on the SPLC study for evidence that study cannot provide.

  5. Jane

    If the democratic platform for education is so awesome, then how is it that in 8 years of control we have increased our testing, increased and sold to large corporations the ability to continue to test and monitor our children and most obviously completely failed miserably to support teachers in the classroom. In PA we now have websites that are determining what we teach and that we must use: PVAS, SAS, ETAP to name a few. Our evaluations are still tied to how our students do which is entirely unfair. You would never allow this to happen in the medical field and we (as teachers) are dealing with something as flexible and unmistakably diverse as intellect. You should know that our ability to teach, monitor progress, enjoy our profession, and our respect has already been taken from us by all of 15 years of previous endorsements.

  6. noneofyourbusiness

    everyone knows that the NEA is a communist pushing organization… teachers and the NEA are responsible for the destruction of education in this country… teachers have never looked worse! thank you for producing these morons that need safe spaces and need to segregate themselves from the reality of the real world. It’s less competition for those who actually want to achieve something real!


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