It’s time to listen to our young poets

Educators are always asking: What kind of communities, nation and world are we building for our young? Lately, many of us have been giving much more thought to that question. It’s an uncertain time. That means opportunities, certainly—but challenges as well.

Listening to students is a requirement of our jobs. Now is a good time to listen even more closely to young people as they speak out on what they want the future to hold. Because after all, it is their future.

Tune in to what young poet Nesha Ruther has to say.

And if you want to get more involved in the kind of activism that’s important to creating a more inclusive, more fair and more just nation, learn more about what you can do by visiting NEA’s EdJustice site.

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  1. Mark Gauthier

    A couple of excellent approaches to poetry that help to unlock young voices is “Get Lit” and “Rhythm and Resistance”.
    I have used both to great success and discovered some beautiful, once hidden, talents in my classroom.


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