You said no to DeVos, here’s how to say yes to students

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  1. Catherine Nichelini-Jones

    A better way to support all children is called “1000 Books Before Kindergarten”. All elementary school principals, preschool directors, kindergarten & preschool teachers, English Language & Bilingual teachers, librarians and pediatricians should educate parents about this program and encourage full participation. There’s no cost to participate but a library card is necessary in order to have free access to books.

  2. Cathi

    I am sorry but education unfortunately is political. You have people in government who make policies that have to do with education that know nothing about education. Schools would succeed if politicians would listen to the teachers. Putting a person that doesn’t hold an education degree, has never been in a public school, has spent all of her time dismantling the public schools in her state has no business as the head of the education department.

  3. rick

    stopped when I saw the NES symbol in the upper corner.

  4. Leo Haggerty

    The big thing that needs to happen is the playing field has to be leveled. What legislators ask in the area of public school accountability needs to be exactly the same for charter schools and any other educational entity that receives tax dollars. If charter schools aren’t going to vanish, and it looks like that is the case, then make them play by our rules. That will force a good many of them to be exposed for the money-grabbing carpetbaggers that they are.

  5. Mary Lou Turnbull

    I wonder why this article doesn’t include “Pay your union dues” or “Join your school district’s association” as a way to support public school education. Michigan is a Right to Work state. We need to continue to send the message that we have a powerful voice only if we are active members of our local unions. We can stand together as a team or hang separately.

  6. Lisa

    The problem is that you assume that we all believe DeVos to be a villain. Why don’t we give her a chance? Find out what her platform REALLY is and not always believe what the media wants us to believe. Do your own research people!

  7. ArvinLaurie. G

    I am. On disability. However having DeVos representins schools make me miss the classroom evan more!


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