Fox: These cuts to education are devastating

Wherever you live in this country you will be impacted by these devastating cuts.These are billions and billions of dollars.

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  1. Elizabeth Mansfield

    The entire public education system has been falling apart since common core started 8 years ago. Alternative schools have waiting lists a mile long as parents strive to get their children into real education that teaches real subjects and makes sense. (Anything that is NOT common core). If the government is going to insist on handing a completely failing curriculum that serves no purpous in educating, then private and charter schools are the only option for parents who want their children to get a real education. If it is true that Betsy DeVos actually made the statement that common core does not exist, then we are really in trouble. How can the person at the top of educational leadership be so totally ignorant of what is going on in public schools all over the Country?


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