Dear Betsy DeVos: Do not harm our students!

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  1. Lois Yassell

    Why are you afraid of educated people?

  2. Nancy Murphy

    Don”t think you are going to get away with trying to take down our public school system without a fight. You are the most unqualified person to ever claim to be capable of such a valuable position in a government administration. You won’t beat us.

  3. Patricia Lad

    I am furious and only too willing to tell Betsy DeVos how immoral and anti-children her proposed budget is!!! Her cruelty is being SEEN – it cannot be hidden!!!!

  4. Maci Hebert

    I am a special ed teacher. These cuts sadden and disgust me. Not only does this budget tell kids loud and clear our country dies not value their future it tells them wealthy kids are the priority. This is an insult to education and an insult to the students I serve. Special Education services are provided not because a child is ineducable but because a child needs a little more scaffolding to achieve. Some of our brightest minds have special needs and we need to stand up and tell Betsy DeVos these services are important for all children.

  5. Janet eades

    I agree with abolishing the Department of Education Education should be done by states. If public schools do not cut it yes charter schools.

  6. Jodi Harry

    I have 2 very bright young children in my hometown’s public elementary school. My children love their school and their teachers, they cannot wait to get there every morning and learn. Currently this school suffers from crowded classrooms and an aging facility. We are continuously participating in fun raisers so our kids can reach their full potential. Taking even one dollar away from this and any other public school is unconscionable. I stand firmly with the NEA on this issue. As any mother would, I am prepared to fight for my children’s future and our public schools.

  7. Andrew

    DO NOT privatize public education. Your proposal shows no evidence of supporting children or families. Your lack of knowledge of the educational system and ceaseless adherence to ideology is simply incomprehensible. You lack any rudimentary knowledge required of your position as evidenced by the inability to respond to basic educational questions. Please resign now and allow someone with a modicum of intellect do the job.

  8. Mindi Shelow

    Your budget doesn’t promote education for all. It takes away funds from those who need it most. It harms our most vulnerable. It continues to denigrate public schools, regardless of the lack of resources, and artificial standards imposed, while at the same time not demanding the same from charter schools. Maybe that’s because it’s only public education that you’re trying to destroy by making impossible demands? Give equal resources to public schools, remove testing requirements that have no proven value, let teachers teach using adequate materials and curriculum, support developmentally appropriate learning proven by research not imposed arbitrarily by politicians or rich, uneducated people who have been given positions of power without having a clue what they are in charge of.

  9. Amita

    Dear Mrs. Devos,
    I do not believe this is acceptable to deny our children basic needs when it comes to education. You cannot tell children to pull themselves up by their boot straps when don’t have straps to pull up.
    Your overall agenda is set on privatizing and destroying the public institutions that support opportunity for American students, educators, and families. You are cutting crucial public school funding.

    $1.2 billion from after-school programs
    More than $700 million from loans for low-income students
    $27 million from arts education
    $2.1 billion that helps reduce class size and support professional development for educators

    Please help us support ALL children and provide opportunities for ALL children. They all need the opportunity to learn and have access to the right resources.

  10. john hornby

    what kind of moron could believe anything short of saving people from physical harm could possibly be more important than educating children? they are our future, they will build or destroy the human race and our whole world.

  11. Donna Hughes

    We are educators across the country who will continue to gather momentum in our cause. The Secretary of Educarion should lead us to promote student growth, for ALL students, as ours is a career and profession- not just a job! The Secretary of Education should be an earned position by one who is a career professional educator- a member of the NEA who fights for representation in fair, negotiated contracts, wages and benefits… she is just some person named “Betsy” who does not support public education!

  12. Nancy ardis

    Stop stealing taxpayers’ monies that are appropriated for Public Schools and giving it to Privatized facilities! This is a crime! It’s called embezzlement! Support our public institutions of education! You should already know this!

    • Beth Sebastian

      Do not harm the 90% of students that need strong public schools!!! You and your constituents are not to make money off not supporting public education! You have absolutely NO idea what you are doing! Go to the NEA convention in Boston in July to find out just how much you don’t know!

  13. Lizette

    Dear Ms. DeVos,
    Please do not cut funding that is vital to the wellbeing of children in America. Let me tell you about “Fred.” Fred (not his real name) is a student at my school. He has no family. He has gone through more in his 5 years than most adults have. Thanks to a loving teacher, he now knows what it is like to feel loved. He goes to a free after school day care program, where he gets more love and support. If you cut his funding, where is Fred going to go? You will be hurting a kindergartner. Please don’t cut funding to vital programs.

  14. Lindsey Sponsel

    I have been working in a title 1 school as a school counselor for 9 years now. Our school is an amazing place where our children are loved by their teachers and for to many students school is the safest place where they are not only educated but loved and fed. Today was the last day of school and I can’t tell you how heart breaking it is seeing how sad some children are that it is their last day of school. What you are Trump are doing to public education is just devastating. You clearly don’t support the very system you were put in charge of. Don’t take away more from these children then is already done!! You will rob them of a quality well rounded education that includes arts, physical education, and the counseling services. This is what we value in America!!

  15. Annette P Jamez

    Our country needs to have an educational system that provides all children a quality education. You lack the experience to guide the department of education on a new unproven path at this time. There has been a lot of changes over the last fifteen years that haven’t proven to be effective. It would behoove you to work on learning what works in the education system before making any changes. See what districts make the most achievements in each state and see what they have in common before moving to charter schools. A leader understands what they are changing before they step in and start making changes. The changes you are going for demonstrate to the country that you are uneducated and uncaring about the education of the county’s children. Why did you seek the Office of Education if your mind is closed to learning?

  16. Chris J.

    ALL Children need more teacher attention, not less. Art is important for growing minds.

  17. Robin James

    Stop cutting public education!!

  18. D.forrest

    Betsy, you have said we can’t just throw money at the problem( of educating our kids). This is easy for you to say because you are a billionaire five times over. Our teachers starting salaries are 33,800.00, with a Masters degree we climb to 38,000.00. That is a far cry from your net worth. How insensitive you are to our Natuons teachers and the students they teach and advocate for every day. Your agenda seems less about helping all of America’s children and more about llining the pocktets of your friends, such as Jeb Bush. For profit schools are not the answer. Quit talking like you are advocating for kids. Because you are not.

  19. Kathryne Mckissock

    Calling yourself a Christian doesn’t mean much. This policy tells the public all they need to know.

  20. Emily

    It is impossible to claim benevolence or even ignorance in your continued attempts to funnel public funding into private schools. Overwhelming research shows that voucher schemes and charter schools DO NOT serve children as well as our public school systems. The only reason for this administration’s determination to destroy public schools is an intent to create a wider gulf between our nation’s Haves and our Have Nots, thus developing a caste system like those we so decry in other nations. This is not stupid or ignorant. This is intentional and evil. Shame.

  21. Julie Polsfut

    Public schools are the backbone of America. I am struggling to understand why it is your personal mission to dismantle what makes our country great!!! Neighborhood schools provide opportunities for our children. I urge you to rethink this devastating plan you are pushing through. Think not of yourself, but what is best for our kids. We should not be a country of “haves and have nots”, but rather a place where all children get a strong equal education.

  22. Crista

    We need more money in education not less! These cuts will hurt America for years!

  23. Brenda Smith

    My name is Brenda Smith. I teach in Vallejo, ca. This is my 13th yr. I want to know that you have good intentions to support Teachers, Students, and families..and Public Education.

  24. Shelby D. Moody

    You ma’am are a disgrace to public education. You have absolutely no qualifications, no education, and no inkling of an idea of what public schools are. I am a public school teacher and it breaks my heart what you are doing to the students of the United States. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  25. jay

    Fortunately I come from a family that would help me afford my education but I know plenty of people who are not as fortunate as me. How do we have someone with such a role in education that could clearly care less. I’m ashamed of our system and how things are being done. It’s as if if you’re not middle class or higher were trying to cut you out or keep you down and what type of society is that. We have people governing and making decisions without consideration of everyone and honestly with no heart and its ashame.

  26. Melody DeGuzman

    I’m an educator and I work in an urban school district and most of our schools are Title 1. My students deserve the very best education to equip them to be successful adults. With your budget you are proposing it will destroy all the programs the students need. More money needs to be poured into these kids instead of cutting back. Teachers everywhere are scared of how this budget will devastate our students’ future, we need all the help we can get because us teachers are struggling, too. We pour so much into our own classrooms that we are tired and broke. We have to beg from other people to get simple things for our classroom. Please think about our students and think about how these valuable programs will shape them into being successful adults.

  27. Sandy Kravetz

    Ms. DeVos, the cuts to district public schools show how out of touch you are with the the desires of the majority of parents that send their kids to schoolz your budget ideas are cruel and inhumane.

  28. Nancy Mack

    Ms. DeVos,
    Your approach to education according to your testimony is an abdication of any responsibility despite your position and fiscal power.
    You should be ashamed of your ignorance of the history of public education in America. You should be ashamed of you ignorance of democracy and how it grew through the availability of public education. The shared educational reference points of all classes of society created the very fabric that bound Americans together.
    Read the new statistics on re-segregation, renewed class stratification, and most important of all the lack of education in the vast majority of charter and voucher systems.
    Support comprehensive education in strong public schools. Do not sit idle and smile your self-satisfied smirk as public structures crumble at your feet.

  29. Alisa York

    Do not steal funding from good public school programs that accept all students. Your voucher programs will weaken the education our students now get both financially and academically. This plan of your also builds segregation which is not a value in our country!

  30. Mary Masterson

    Stop underfunding public education!

  31. Kelli Jo Sheahon

    What a disastrous plan for our children! As a public school teacher, I am insulted for our students. They deserve more. They deserve high quality public education at schools that are required to follow accountability standards and federal laws developed to protect students from discrimination. Parents already have school choice- they can send their children to private schools if they want- they just can’t do it with my tax dollars! That’s not what public tax dollars are for! Invest in making sure public schools are high quality schools. That’s your job!

  32. Heidi Jensen

    For someone who hasn’t had to work a day in your life, it leaves you completely naive to the 90% of public ed students, their families, their needs and systems of support, and what schools and teachers endlessly offer so these students can succeed in life. For some of those students, is not enough because of the poverty and disadvantages they come to school with. It never ceases to sadden me everyday after learning about one more story about a student and what they have experienced in their young lives. Things no one should have to experience – including you and I.

    Everyday I come across 4-5 news articles, sometimes more, about the disparity of failing charter schools across the country. Everday! Even your own charter programs and contributions have failed. They fail our students! Some parents will have the same ideology as you about exercising their right to choose. But the success stories of students from charters is enormously out numbered by the successes of students from public ed schools. You can’t even try to convince the public with one single story because these situations are too far and few between.

    Stop ignoring the cold hard facts. Stop ignoring those in need the most. Stop ignoring the truth about charters and start being a citizen and governmental employee who has an understanding and belief in one of the most precious “commodities” our country has; children, our public schools, and the future of the 90% who attend public schools. It is imperative and vital to the future of our neighborhoods, society, advancement of technology and new discoveries, the job market, a better economy, and whatever it is that has yet to touched by a public ed school student, who will be going into careers and workforce. Listen to teachers! Respect our craft! Preserve the importance of public education Strive to protect all prorams we offer, and make them better. Consider the ramifications that will happen because of your limited focus and ideology. In an appointed position you should be doing that on behalf of all citizens and students. Pursue your interests separate from a governmental responsibility.

  33. Marian Phillips

    Dear Mrs. Devos,
    With the position you have been entrusted to uphold come a hudge responsibility. The most valuable gems in our society are our children Rich or poor, black, white, yellow, red or brown. It is not for us to say who deserves a QUALIITY Education. It is for us to say that ALL CHILDREN no matter their back ground deserve a PUBLIC EDUCATION.
    Charter schools single out those who can afford a high dollar education , leaving those who are low income behind.
    Think about hist. What if some if our scientist, doctors, lawyers,jusges, etc…who were dirt poor but made something of themselves by acquiring an education in a PUBLIC SCHOOL. Some of our most famous people came from nothing. You never know what child might be in a poor home that will one day find a cure for a disease or be president.
    Stop looking at your pocket book and listen to your heart. You know that fueling money to the charter schools is wrong.
    Across this nation we hsve QUALIITY Teachers and NON-INSTRCUTIONAL SUPPORT PERSONNEL that work daily to ensure our children get a QUALIITY PUBLIC EDUCATION. If you don’t know who the Non-Instrcutional Personnel are, we are bus drivers, food service, mechanics,custodians, Secretarys, Paraeducators, maintenance workers, we are the first and last to touch the lives of our children each day.
    I urge you to listen.
    Marian Phillips
    Supervisor Secretary of Attendance
    Public School I’m Florida


    What is wrong with you? What horrible event in your life affected you so traumatically that you feel it necessary to dismantle and destroy public education? Your suggested budget will destroy our education system. Haven’t you seen the writing on the wall? The general public is against your plans and budget cuts. Why don’t you find out what the public wants? Listen to the people.

  35. Sylvia sugarman

    Support for public education is American! It is the right of every child! Schools are not grocery stores! They build community! They build informed citizens! Schools for profit are driven by profit! Each child has the right to an education overseen by a school board of elected responsive members. Profit should not be part of education! I am a proud public school graduate and teacher! You are just wrong!

  36. Sarah Hogan

    As a retired teacher I have been helping out by substituting once or twice a week. This is what I am painfully aware of every time I step into the classroom: SIMPLY MOVING AN IMPOVERISHED CHILD TO A NEW SCHOOL BUILDING WILL NOT MEET HIS OR HER NEEDS. Children also need:
    FOOD AND SHELTER. How does trimming food programs help?
    MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: Why are we cutting back on guidance counselors and social workers?
    EMPLOYMENT SUPPORTS: Doing away with after school programs will be a set back for many families.
    One child in five lives in poverty. These children are entitled to have their basic needs met so they can focus on their learning. Often I feel that there is not enough of me to give compassion to every child who needs it before being ready to focus on learning.

  37. kelley fisher

    I’m am so disappointed in you Ms. DeVos and your proposed budget cuts. These cuts prove your lack of knowledge and qualifications as Secretary of Education. You have no respect for Public Education , the teachers, students parents and community members. One thing you should remember, educators and those who support public education are also not afraid to stand up and fight for our children and what they deserve.

  38. John Eastin

    Ms. DeVos you should be ashamed of yourself! That money you are taking from our public schools in order to fund private sector charter schools comes from the taxpayers just like me! I cannot count the number of pencils, pens and paper I give to my students on a daily basis and it does not come out of the school budget but rather my pocket. Same goes for meal and snacks so many of my colleagues and me purchase. A hungry child cannot learn. Where does that enter into your VAM scores regarding our abilities as teachers? You know every child has the same right to a quality education which is being provided to them in a currently existing public school system yet you deem it necessary to gut our budget? You ma’am are no better than that profit-hunting fool for whom you work. Viva Le Resistance!

  39. Amy Mullen

    Your voucher plans don’t work – the evidence is clear. You cut the budget and hurt our most vulnerable children. You are only trying to divide the classes further and give tax breaks to the corporations and those who can already afford private school tuitions. You will do nothing to help students living in low income households or those with special education needs – I doubt you will help any if our students from our pre-schoolers to those in higher education. Never have I been more disappointed or disgusted with someone is public office (with 45 as the one exception to that!)
    Your voucher plan will fail and hurt our students and we will have to clean up the mess you have made. That will be your legacy.

  40. LaFawn Davis

    Dear Ms. DeVos:
    I understand that your policies will provide vouchers for private schools and take away funds that might reduce public school class sizes. I think some things are common sense–at least to teachers they are. Ask any teacher if she can teach a class with 35 as easily as she can one with 20 students. I think you know what the answer will be here. The rich or upper middle class will come up with the money for private schools on their own. Even with vouchers, most poor people will not be able to afford a high quality, accredited private school. Also, some of the students that I’ve had to teach this year would have been summarily booted out of the average private school because of their behavior. Leave public school funds alone, unless you want to increase them.


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