We must #DefendDACA. For our students, our colleagues, our union brothers and sisters

As educators and NEA members, defending DACA is personal. This is about our students and our colleagues.

This is about Texas teacher María Dominguez. She has a master’s degree, she is a certified teacher, she is educating the next generation of Americans. 

This is about Beni, who is getting his PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Merced. He was brought to America when he was three. To say he belongs in another country is cruel.

The urgency of this moment is fierce. Members of our communities, families in our churches, and students and educators in our schools will face the worst circumstances imaginable if we do not speak up and let decision makers know that ending DACA is unacceptable.

We must raise our voices in a collective chorus for justice to defend our DACAmented brothers and sisters. Make your voice heard and stand in solidarity with students and educators to #DefendDACA

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