Colorado: Making a difference for students, home by home.

NEA members across the nation are doing amazing and creative work to challenge students, partner with neighborhoods, and advocate for the resources their students and communities need. From time to time, I will showcase state education association magazine articles to share these efforts with you. First up is the CEA Journal, published by the Colorado Education Association.

The article “Caring for students home-by-home in Brighton” tells the story of a joint community walk-through by teachers from North Elementary and volunteers from Northern Hills Church. They wanted to find out from residents how well the school was doing at meeting students’ needs.

The Brighton Education Association members and church volunteers opened a Pandora’s box—in a good way! Families expressed an interest in more after-school programs and on-site tutoring, for instance. Since then, nearly 40 volunteers have expressed interest in becoming tutors.

Read all about it the association’s home-by-home visits right here.

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