Our struggle to keep our schools the safest place a child could be will continue

Columbine.  Virginia Tech.  Chardon High. Umpqua Community College. Sandy Hook Elementary. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Did you know there’s a Wikipedia page on school shootings? There are so many.  Not all with fatalities, but all terrifying.

This morning, someone has already listed Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  Fourteen wounded.  Seventeen dead. So far. The 18th school shooting this year, and we are not even two months into 2018.

I am numb with grief.  I am beside myself with anger.  But for today, there is the need to act to comfort and calm.  There is the need to hold our colleagues close and let them know that they are not alone in their mourning for the children and the educators who were lost and who are wounded, some hanging on for life.

Florida school shooting

I have lost dear ones in my life.  I will tell you truthfully that when kind people asked me what they could do to help – as kind people always ask – I told them to send me their love.  And they did.  They prayed.  They hugged me.  They wrote a little note.  And it helped in my healing  to know I was not alone.

Send our dear ones in Florida your love today.  Send them a prayer.  Send them a thought of comfort.  Our struggle to keep our schools the safest places a child could be will continue. Finding ways to stop adding our schools to the list of tragedies will continue.

But today is about love.  Kind people, send your love flying to Parkland, Florida and the mourning community of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  Help them heal. 

Let them know they are not alone.

10 Responses to “Our struggle to keep our schools the safest place a child could be will continue”

  1. Brian Melton

    We need to do more to send a message. We as educators need to rise up and march on Congress and demand they begin by banning AR-15 rifles and other methods of mass murder. We must come together and lead this charge. This is our war and our people are dying. We have to say that this is enough.

  2. Richard Stevens

    Amen. We need a national movement and rally to end school violence by close schools for two days and marching on Washington and the White House while congress is in session. We need a 2 million parent, child, teacher march before the end of the school year.

  3. Ann Kurzius

    NEA and AFT could join forces on a national teacher strike to demand sane gun laws. Enough with the thoughts and prayers…. How long must teachers live in dread that a deranged person with an assault weapon will prey on them and their students?

  4. Barbara Styers

    Let’s execute a nationwide protest.

    Each school would have a silent walkout at NOON on the day of the Protest. Those who wish to participate would quietly walk out of the building at 11:55. The message would be to tell our Congress, President, and State officials that we want a ban on assault rifles NOW. If there was a walkout at noon in each time zone, there would be a wave of protest across the nation. No one would have to travel farther than their own local school. At 12:05 all would go back in and resume the school day. Parents and community members could also join.

  5. Susan Davis

    I agree that action is needed and soon! No more offering simply prayers and condolences. It’s time we demand that our government takes action on behalf of our children. Our students and teachers deserve safe schools. More safety protocol and and security measures that promote fear and ignore the real issue are never going to make our schools truly safe. Why are so many opposed to reasonable gun control measures? It’s insane! NEA needs to take the lead and plan an action now!

  6. Betsy Holland

    We can join the students’s march in Washington on March 24. We need to let Congress know that they will be voted out if they chose not to support gun control. We need to call out those who accept money from the NRA.

  7. Wendy Pillard

    I am once again stunned that our lawmakers think that by “sending thoughts and prayers” to the victims of the latest gun violence that we have done enough. IT IS NOT ENOUGH! I agree with students and educators – it is time for the NEA, teachers, students and parents to say enough to the lawmakers and the NRA members who are influencing them and go on a a strike, march, whatever it takes to stop this madness before another child has to pay with their lives.

  8. Rachel Spellman

    Our nation’s gun laws should have been changed after Columbine. I agree that we are on the verge of a powerful movement with a real chance for change. NEA and teachers, let’s support students and join them in Washington on March 24! Lily, can you lead this charge?

  9. biprojit

    I agree that action is needed and soon!


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