We need to do more to end these senseless shootings

Our hearts are broken yet again by the senseless and tragic shooting in our nation’s public schools, this time in Parkland, Florida.

We are monitoring closely the still developing and tense situation, but we have confidence in the ability of the first responders and the school staff and administrators to help students and families at this time.

While our thoughts and prayers are with Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, educators and their families, we know that we, as country, need to do more to end these senseless shootings.

As educators, our foremost priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students. Our focus now is on supporting the educators, students and their families in the Broward County community today and in the future.

We all have a responsibility to create safe schools and communities. As a state and a country, we can and must do more to ensure that everyone who walks through our school doors — educator, student, parent or community member — is safe and free from violence.

Resources for educators and parents here.

5 Responses to “We need to do more to end these senseless shootings”

  1. Sherri Isbister

    Dear Lily
    I am a retired teacher. I think that it is time for teachers to take a stand on these shootings. As a group we can be stronger than individual cries for help. I am tossing around ideas in my mind about what to do. Retired teachers could let schools in their area know that there is a petition or blog demanding that the government amend gun laws so that children and educational staff are safe. I taught in Virginia and live in Missouri. If there is some way I can help to get a movement started to bring more attention to this immediate issue please let me know. I even think that schools need to reevaluate their lock down procedures. Communities need to raise money to install observation cameras in our schools. I absolutely agree with the teacher interviewed on the news, we have let our children and teachers down. I firmly believe that as a group we are large enough to make a difference in this.
    Thank you
    Sherri Isbister

  2. Gail Gonzales

    I suggest a nation-wide teacher walk-out

    • Colette

      I think that we need to band together as a humungous powerful and unstoppable school staff across our ENTIRE nation. We need to gather ALL the teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus monitors, administrators and EVERY other adult who work in our schools and DEMAND a change in our laws. If we ALL band together maybe we could have some positive change!

      • Joe Murr

        Draft proposal to hold a national school boycott May 8-9, 2018. May 8th is National Teachers day.
        This would be held to send a message to Congress that we demand they enact common sense gun laws. Specifically, outlawing the sale and ownership of assault rifles and their accessories; and strengthening a national background check system.
        by Joe Murr

  3. Judy Ripley

    Nationwide teachers’ strike, national school boycott, whatever it takes to make a statement that will be heard!


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