Public Schools Week 2018: Saluting schools nationwide

When it comes to acknowledging the central role public schools play in our students’ lives, we can never have too many allies. This is Public Schools Week, a great time to show appreciation for schools and their role in communities.

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, created Public Schools Week. It is specifically for acknowledging public schools and reminding people that schools must have the resources to provide the well-rounded curriculum, inviting classrooms, and one-on-one attention that all students need.

Members of Congress will join in this week. They’ll make floor speeches, hold a press conference and participate in a panel discussion on public schools.

Check out the agenda for the week and get cool resources—including art, infographics, and sample Facebook posts—in the Public Schools Week toolkit.

You can take part by shouting out (digitally, at least) the successes of your students and schools. Participate in a Tweet storm on Thursday, March 15 using #PublicSchoolsWeek!

(Celebrating public schools is always a great idea, and the NEA co-created American Education Week almost a century ago for just that purpose. Check out my blog post about American Education Week 2017 here.)


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