Celebrating Earth and Thanking Science Teachers

April 22 is Earth Day—time to celebrate our planet and make a commitment to protect it.

Let’s also celebrate the science teachers who impart vital information—you know, facts—about our planetary home. Their job is even more important in the midst of the constant, concerted effort by some people to pretend climate change doesn’t exist.

Toby Spencer, a science teacher at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, Calif., says downplaying climate change releases us “from taking responsibility and removes the impetus for policy changes to stop it.

Luckily, Toby and science teachers across the nation are relentless in teaching students what they need to know in order to be guardians of Earth. Here are a few resources for teaching about science and climate change.

For fun, try out an experiment that NEA Vice President Becky Pringle (a middle school science teacher herself) and I conducted last year. Watch us make “elephant toothpaste” by mixing common household ingredients together to cause a reaction. Becky just might be the best science teacher I ever had!

Happy Earth Day! Looking for ways to mark the occasion? Here are some ideas.

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