Join Us April 20th

April 20th is a day that we will never forget. It’s a day that forever changed the lives of a community, and sparked a new fear in school communities.

On April 20, 1999 two students at Columbine High School shot and killed 12 of their classmates and one teacher, and wounded 23 others.

Since then, students have become accustomed to lockdowns and code red drills. School violence occurs often enough that the New York Times is calling today’s young people the “Mass Shooting Generation.”

Enough is enough!

This year on April 20th, NEA will join with students, educators, parents and communities across the nation for a National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools.

You can join us!

Start by sending an email to Congress to demand they take action to end gun violence.

Then, share this video and ask your friends to take action, too.

You can also join one of the events happening across the country. Use this map to find one near you.

Every community’s response to gun violence will be different, but we will all send the same message to our elected leaders: We can no longer tolerate inaction!

All schools should be desirable, safe environments where learning and discovery can flourish. Students, parents and educators should not have to live in fear of being the next victim. So please join us on April 20th and pressure lawmakers to pass common-sense gun laws and listen to the voices of educators and students.


2 Responses to “Join Us April 20th”

  1. Cathy Ann Sutton

    Are the teacher unions organizing any rallies or marches? I haven’t heard of any in my state of Indiana.

  2. Hilda Kendrick

    I am spending my time contacting our U.S. Congressional Leaders to take action against gun violence. We need safe schools and communities!!! Hilda


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