Appreciate the awesome teachers in your life!

Let’s hear it for teachers! National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7-11 and National Teacher Day is Tuesday, May 8. NEA and the National PTA are teaming up once again for the celebration.

If you ask me, great educators should be celebrated all the time. So you know that I am super excited about an entire week set aside to praise the teachers who inspire students’ natural curiosity, fire-up imaginations, and spark a lifelong love of learning.

This year, we are especially appreciative of those teachers who, aside from their crucial work to connect with students and unlock their potential, are saying “We’re not gonna take it anymore.” Across the nation, they are demanding the resources and support that students, schools, and educators deserve.

At state capitols in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Arizona, and Colorado, a sea of teachers and other educators, parents, students, and community members march, hold signs, and link arms to send a powerful message to their lawmakers: “Our students deserve better.”

They deserve better than reading from outdated textbooks held together with duct tape, sitting at broken desks and chairs, and shoestring budgets that have left school buildings in disrepair and denied students the learning environments they need.

This is a movement, not a moment. I’ve been lucky enough to protest and march in some of these states. I’m inspired by these devoted educators, and I share their passion for doing what’s right for our students and our profession. They are making a huge difference. Because of them, public education is in the spotlight.

I recently wrote about what their activism means for students and public education in this op-ed on

Here are some ways to give a shout-out to the amazing teachers that change lives every day.

  • Make a brief video or take a photo of yourself thanking a teacher for making a difference in your or your child’s life. Upload the video here. We will share messages of appreciation throughout the week.
  • Share your message of appreciation on social media using #ThankATeacher.
  • Wear #REDforED on Wednesday, May 9 to salute the educators who are protesting for the resources students and schools deserve. Post a picture of yourself on social media to share why you’re wearing #REDforED.
  • Use our teacher appreciation artwork and social media images to get the word out.

For information and more ideas, check out our Teacher Day page.

Whatever you do this week, make sure you take the time to #ThankATeacher.

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  1. Jan Chamberlin

    Thank you Lily, for all that you and other teachers do.
    You truly change lives.
    God bless you.

    Love, Cousin Jan


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