Teenage girl standing by lockers

To Become a Bully Free Nation: Identify. Intervene. Advocate.

Anyone who’s worked in a school — from elementary to high school — has seen the same thing. Popular kids sit together at “their table;” sports stars sit together at “their table.” Occasionally, but not nearly enough, we see a student being especially kind to a new kid. More…


Part of the Same Team

Like a sports team, an educational team comprises many different people who contribute to the school community’s success. Helping students achieve their potential requires every available resource. More…


A Look at the Whole Child Approach (Like Football)

If a football team wants to win, it must be able to execute all of the plays in its playbook, not just a couple. That means the quarterback must throw, receivers must catch, running backs must carry the ball, kickers must kick and everyone must execute their blocking assignments.


Back to School in Illinois!

Lily was in Illinois on September 22 for NEA’s 2014 Back to School Tour. She saw examples of great ELL and STEM programs, met with ESP members, and talked to media about Voter Registration Day. [View the story “NEA Back to School 2014: Illinois” on Storify]