I’m proud

I’m proud of our education voters in the 2014 elections. From Wisconsin to Florida…from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, we’ve put together profiles of stellar educators who know that their vote is their students’ voice. More…

Rncocas Valley Regional HS

What TIME Magazine Needs to Know about Tenure and Why it Matters

The cover story for the November 3rd issue of Time, The War on Teacher Tenure, sensationalizes the attempts of a few tech millionaires to take on due process policies like tenure in court. Time’s cover purposefully gives the false impression that there are many, many bad teachers

technology class.

We Know What Equity Looks Like, and We are Passionate About it

Equity is a cause I have fought for all my life, since the days I taught in a Homeless Shelter School in Salt Lake City. It is the cause of my heart. I work every day—as I know many of you do—in the hope that some day every blessed child can walk into her neighborhood More…


Students Lose at Expense of Taxpayer-Funded Vouchers

Like millions of our colleagues, we became teachers so we could make a difference in the lives of our students. Whether it was a school in the suburbs of Salt Lake City or in the middle of Racine, what we wanted for our students was to teach them, to inspire them, to help them become More…


Time to Scale Back School Testing

Do you remember a teacher or other school employee who made a difference in your life? Perhaps someone who really brought an academic subject to life, or who simply helped you through a difficult time?


We Must Demand Equitable Funding for our Schools

We both began our teaching careers working with disadvantaged students. The very first thing we learned is that these children can learn, they can thrive and they can make a teacher’s heart sing.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, NEA president

Come With Me. There’s a Revolution to Organize

I’ve been doing this blog for some time, but never as president of the National Education Association. There are many “firsts” in this new title: · First woman president of the NEA in 25 years. · First Latina president of the NEA.