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We are at Netroots Nation!

We are at #NN14 advocating for public education with president-elect Lily Eskelsen García. If you are here stop by!


Live from Netroots Nation!

Our very own president-elect Lily Eskelsen García will be part of the opening keynote at Netroots Nation! We will be livestreaming here. Don’t miss it!


We Are Fearless and We Will Not Be Silent

NEA president-elect Lily Eskelsen García, after praising those who have supported and worked in concert with her, concluded NEA’s 152nd Annual Meeting with a strong message to those “who don’t know what they’re talking about”: We will not be silent.

“We,” of course, refers to the three million educators who know what’s best for students, learning, and the teaching profession.

The former Utah Teacher of the Year spoke of the practices from the likes of moviemakers, billionaire brothers, and conservative politicians who have made poor decisions on behalf of U.S. students.

Lily Eskelsen Garcia



Why Arne Duncan needs to listen to Bill and Melinda

I do not hate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  I know it might seem strange to have to make that statement, but such are the times we live in.  I’ve just had too many arguments with too many friends who, when I ask specifically why they are upset with some aspect of educational “reform”, respond, “Well, you know this was funded by the Gates Foundation,¨ as if this was evidence of the Mark of the Devil.

So let me say again… I do not hate the Gates Foundation.  I also feel compelled to state for the sake of balance that I do not love the Gates Foundation.  The Foundation, for me, is not a thing to love or hate.  It is what it is, and it is many things.  It is impossible to put them in some ideological box.

The Gates Foundation funds ideas.  Lots.  And lots.  And lots of ideas.  Some extremely good ideas (meaning I like them) like how to prevent malaria and HIV infection and college success programs in Denver public schools and Michigan and California and Florida and Wisconsin and just about every other State University system and Oxfam and county libraries, and thousands of others.

I had to really search for extremely bad ideas (meaning I didn’t like them) and eventually found the American Enterprise Institute and their teacher evaluation project (which, let’s just be honest, Rick Hess   is going to need some adult supervision.)

But I digress.  Back to Bill and Melinda.  They fund ideas, not ideologies.