A Look at the Whole Child Approach (Like Football)

If a football team wants to win, it must be able to execute all of the plays in its playbook, not just a couple. That means the quarterback must throw, receivers must catch, running backs must carry the ball, kickers must kick and everyone must execute their blocking assignments.


We Love it When Parents are Involved in School

I remember when I first started teaching sometime in the late 1800s when one of the moms of one of my 4th graders came to the class to apologize. She had always been The Room Mother for her kids, but this year she was working outside the home, and she was apologizing for not being More…


NEA Foundation Online Classes: A Great Resource for You!

The NEA Foundation courses are intended to develop collaborative skills and content knowledge. The courses promote union-district collaboration as a tool for systems change and were developed by field experts, using a rich selection of resources.


I’m proud

I’m proud of our education voters in the 2014 elections. From Wisconsin to Florida…from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, we’ve put together profiles of stellar educators who know that their vote is their students’ voice. More…