What I wish I knew my first year (podcast!)

If you ask Toby Murphy, a 10-year language arts teacher from New Jersey, he would tell you that middle schoolers really aren’t as intimidating as you’ve heard (sure, Toby) and that your colleagues will be your strongest support system. Tune in to School Me podcasts for advice from educators, from how to use humor in the classroom to how to handle tough meetings with parents. More…

Introducing NEA Today’s School Me

What do you wish you’d known on your first day as an educator? School Me has blog posts, podcasts, and even DIY videos from a diverse group of educators who are here to help. 


“It’s an Emergency for Our Kids”

Lily has a great new podcast on the Keep Our Educators Working Act. Listen to Lily’s interview on education jobs, and then take action! Please join the “Speak Up For Education and Kids” page on Facebook, and check out this flier for information on calling your members of Congress!